Grandstand Project for Narrows High School

Wanting to add a new grandstand for their sports facility but running into soil grade issues, Narrows High School needed a permanent foundation solution before proceeding. Using custom-designed helical piles and anchors, Ram Jack of the Commonwealth stabilized the soon-to-be-built grandstand that would provide viewing of sports for years to come.

The sporting facility at Narrows High School was to receive a new 1,250-seat grandstand. The problem to overcome was the location of the stadium, which was to be built on a sloped ground making it difficult to use heavy machinery and foundation systems. Under a tight schedule and wanting a permanent solution, project managers contacted Ram Jack of the Commonwealth to take a look at the situation.

Ram Jack designed helical piles and anchors for the grandstand that would withstand both vertical and lateral loads consisting of wind and sway of up to 30 and 8 kips per support line. Steel pile caps were also used as opposed to concrete caps, due to the soil incline.

In all, Ram Jack installed the helicals in five days’ time and successfully created a strong, reliable and lasting foundation solution that would benefit sports fans for years to come.

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