Grandmother Saves Intended Victims From Rental Property Scams Through Fireball Approves Investigations

Grandmother places scammers on alert that rental scams will no longer go unpunished.

Tammy Sorrento

​​Fireball Approves Investigations announced today its ingenious new rental verification service, created from the personal experience of founder and grandmother Tammy Sorrento.

Tammy Sorrento planned to rent a home for a vacation with her grandchildren in Key West, Florida. She found a property that seemed perfect, but something told her it was too good to be true. By following her instincts, and using her previous experience as an insurance investigator Tammy found the listing was in fact a scam.

Learn the techniques Tammy used to determine the listing was a scam in this rental property tips video.

The deception and the egregious lies the scammer used really fired Tammy up. She could not believe this person would create a fake listing that would have literally left her family stranded with no place to stay during a busy holiday weekend.

Fondly referred to as "Fireball," Tammy vowed to create a solution to rental property and vacation property scams. The solution Fireball Approves Investigations, a company dedicated to championing the fight against rental scams.

"Scammers will be stopped. I have reported hundreds of scammers to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I will continue to do so until every renter can rent without worry and every scammer understands rental property scams will no longer go unpunished," says Tammy Sorrento, owner of Fireball Approves Investigations.

Fireball Approves will verify the validity of rental listings and confirm the identity of the advertiser. The company will also vouch for legitimate property owners and/or leasing agents who pass their robust vetting process.

"I hired Fireball when I was looking to rent a place in Denver, Colorado. They immediately were on the case and extensively researched the home in question to determine if it was a scam or a safe rental. Within 24 hours, they confirmed the rental was legit which gave me peace of mind for my trip. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to solidify safe and stress-free travel plans. Thanks, Fireball," says M. Gonzales.

For rental verification visit: or call 904-580-6740.


Fireball Approves LLC is an identity verification service for scam prevention to shield people from scams, emanating from Tammy Sorrento's desire to prevent people from getting burned.

Source: Fireball Approves Investigations

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