Grand Reopening for Rothwood Row

Rothwood Row Premiers New Website Featuring "Magic of Summer" Line!

Grand Reopening

​Rothwood Row's grand reopening is July 1st, 2017. They have a brand new website featuring the release of Equidae, the Magic of Summer line of products promises to bring magic to children all over the world! The website is expected to open to rave reviews on July 1st, 2017!

Equidae includes four new plush toys to the already adorable Candy Land collection from the original opening on Etsy. Equidae includes Harry Horse, a delightful little pony who is ready to be a child's new hug partner. Also included in the Equidae are Pax Pegasus, Peyton Pegacorn, and Umber Unicorn. These three are just as ready to be a child's new best friend as they are intended to be sold as not gender specific creatures. This is because of the need (and current lack of) toys that do not specify gender. Children often need to just be children. These magical horses allow them to do just that. Pax, Peyton, and Umber remove the need for gender roles. Magical creatures don't have to have a gender, and they are named with unisex names for that reason. Pax Pegasus is a sweet and loving adventurer that is so ready to be a child's ticket to a new horizon of imagination. Peyton Pegacorn is an adventurous warrior, standing tall and flying into a child's next playtime. Umber Unicorn is a shy sweetling who wants to be there for children and help them accomplish their dreams. They all love to be hugged, are great listeners and have huge hearts ready to share their adoration with a child.

Heather McCormick, founder and creator of Rothwood Row says “I have been crocheting for over 20 years now. I discovered the joy of making stuffed toys four years ago when I made a plush toy for a niece. I think this year's collection is really special, so special in fact, I wanted to share it with the world, which is why I have finally decided to create a website to showcase my work.” Not only is her new work found on the website, but also, her catalog of work can be found on the site available for sale! The company offers 20% off when someone signs up for their “Rothwood Revue” which will keep you informed of new products, reviews, behind the scenes news, and alerts you to the sales that will be coming!

Another important feature of the website, is the “Other Women-Owned Businesses” page! This page gives you access to other women-owned businesses. “I wanted to feature other businesses that were owned by women,” Heather explains, “I think it's a wonderful display of solidarity and support for those women!”

Rothwood Row had been operating as a business through Etsy for over a year, but now they are excited to grow out from that, with their own website. The website is found at and you can reach Heather at E-mail address

Source: Rothwood Row

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About Rothwood Row

Rothwoood Row is a handmade crocheted toy making company out of Monroe, Virginia. They make stuffed animals, blankets, and books for small children.

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