Grand Opening of Jyros Twisted Gyros in Sacramento

A Fun, New Twist on Greek/Mediterranean Food

Come and celebrate the grand opening of Jyros Twisted Gyros on March 15, 2018. Jyros is doing things that have not been done before with Greek and Mediterranean food. A couple "twists": Jyros uses naan (a fluffy white Indian flatbread) in addition to the traditional Pita bread and Jyros is also doing an Al Pastor (Mexican) pork, Sriracha sauces and things like our Garlic Mayo and Twisted Fries (with meat, toppings and sauce). Get a Gyro, Bowl, Salad, Twisted Fries or Medusa Nachos.

This is owner Jared Katzenbarger's first independent concept. "It was fun to develop the concept on my own, taking the foods I love and creating a fun, new and exciting concept. I have been a franchisee for years and you do not have the flexibility and creativity that your own concept allows." Katzenbarger elaborated, "For example, the first couple weeks we were open I received a lot of feedback. I was able to make immediate changes and the guests were appreciative of us keeping their suggestions in mind."

Jyros is doing things that have not been done before with Greek and Mediterranean food.

Jared Katzenbarger, Owner, Jyros Twisted Gyros

On Thursday, March 15, Jyros will be offering 50 percent off all food items and also doing $2 beer and wine. In addition, they will be giving away prizes and swag, and for anyone that dresses up in a Toga, they will get a free Sando. Please visit us on Facebook /JyrosTwistedGyros or Instagram /jyrostwisted.

1901 J Street, Sacramento, CA 916-462-1002  11a.m. - 9 p.m.

Jared Katzenbarger, 916-546-4399,

Source: Jyros Twisted Gyros

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