Grand Ocean Marine Confirmed as the Marine Cable Supplier of Indonesian Navy KCR 60M Shipbuilding Project

CJPF96/SC Shipboard cable

Grand Ocean Marine, a global leader in manufacturing marine cables and offshore cable, today confirmed its commitment to supplying the Indonesian shipyard PT PAL with marine grade cables. This comes after Grand Ocean Marine supplied marine shipboard cables for the construction of the KRC-60, which is a fast attack missile ship for the Indonesian Navy.

“We have designed ship cables that are durable and safe that meet the highest maritime standards, ranging from power, VFD, control to communication cables,” said Mr. Zack Gao, the Grand Ocean Marine product manager. “Our ship cable can endure harsh weather conditions in the sea and meet strict quality standards in the naval industry.”

So far, Grand Ocean Marine has cooperated with Indonesian shipyard PT PAL by supplying naval cable for their two KCR-60 fast attack missile crafts. In both the KRI Sampari and KRI Tombak, Grand Ocean supplied all the vital naval cables.

These are some of the two major projects that Grand Ocean Marine has successfully worked together with other major companies in the naval industry. Their marine cables can withstand low to high cruising speeds and navigate through harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, the KCR-60, features sophisticated armament systems such as cannon home, decoy launcher, guns and anti-ship missile launcher. With the safety of the ship crew being paramount, Grand Ocean has ensured that all marine cables conform to the ABS, BV, RS, LR, GL, KR and NK certification standards.

The Grand Ocean’s marine cables are flame retardant, fire resistant and produce low smoke, besides emitting zero halogens. These have made Grand Ocean the main supplier of the Indonesian Navy KCR 60M shipbuilding project.

Notably, Grand Ocean Marine becomes the first Chinese marine cable manufacturer to supply accessories to the Indonesian navy. This was quite evident when Grand Ocean Marine beat over 10 companies for the same project.

About Grand Ocean Marine

Grand Ocean Marine is a leading manufacturer of marine cables, shipboard cable, and offshore cables. For over 10 years, Grand Ocean has specialized in supplying marine cables that meet the ABS, LR, GL, DNV, BV, RINA, KR and NK classification criteria.

So far, the company has been focusing on supplying ship cables that meet the dynamic needs of the marine industry. Grand Ocean Marine has the capability to handle all orders from general to specialized applications.

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