Grace Hill Annual Training Benchmark Survey Reveals Multifamily Industry's Increasing Tech Savvy and Areas of Critical Need

Turnover and compliance risks increase, making faster, more effective onboarding critical

2018 Multifamily Training Benchmark Report

For the sixth consecutive year, Grace Hill released its annual Multifamily Training Benchmark Survey, publishing key learning and development metrics for the property management industry. The report helps professionals in the multifamily industry to refine and improve their companies’ training programs.

Download the complete 2018 Grace Hill Benchmark Survey here:

“Several trends uncovered in the survey explain why quick training implementation, particularly when it comes to onboarding, is such a high priority,” Dru Armstrong, CEO of Grace Hill, explained. “Turnover has increased for most property roles, and fast onboarding is critical for retaining employees. Compliance risk is also up and is equally impacted by any delays in onboarding.”

Armstrong continued, “The other reason that ease and speed of implementation is in such demand is actually a positive trend: improvements in technology and increasing technology use are leading to higher expectations. Today’s best eLearning expedites onboarding by providing bite-sized modules that can fit into tighter time frames versus traditional multi-day, in-person classroom onboarding. People expect faster training now because they can.”

Armstrong concluded, “The survey shows an impressive capacity among trainers to perform well within tight constraints. It also indicates the future success that is likely as property companies begin to overcome some of the  training challenges the industry currently faces.”

The survey also includes information about salaries, bonus programs and bonus amounts, in addition to information about training budgets. 327 property management companies of various sizes participated in this year’s survey. The report helps those in the multifamily industry to refine and improve their companies’ training programs.

Grace Hill will be hosting several webinars to discuss the results of this year’s benchmark survey:

2018 Grace Hill Benchmark Training Survey: Top Trends & Opportunities 

February 14, 2018 at 3-4PM EST

An overview of the latest industry developments revealed by the recent survey, including increasing reliance on and integration of technology, rising turnover and prioritization of fast and effective onboarding. We’ll also discuss key opportunities available to training administrators for overcoming current industry challenges. 

2018 Grace Hill Benchmark Training Survey: Goals, Challenges & Accomplishments

February 21, 2018 at 3-4PM EST

We’ll explore the biggest headaches that trainers encounter today and strategies for improving them. We’ll also discuss what trainers report trying to achieve and what they feel they’ve been successful at. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the accomplishments of peers in the industry. 

2018 Grace Hill Benchmark Training Survey: Performance Management & Turnover

February 28, 2018 at 3-4PM EST

Grace Hill’s latest survey reveals that turnover is up for most industry roles. This webinar explores the connection between employee performance management, training and turnover. We’ll look at how the three are currently connected and how they could be better coordinated to improve employee performance and retention. 

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