Grace Century's Portfolio Company, The Quantum Group, Inc. Monetizes One of Its Key IoT Patents With the Establishment of BlueBox.Care, Inc.

Spinoff created to solve the Data aggregation problem with wearables and IOT devices

Grace Century’s flagship project, The Quantum Group, has established BlueBox.Care, Inc. to revolutionize the use of healthcare’s hottest space of wearable, home and transportation based technology, Internet of Things (IOT), the entrance of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector.

The Quantum Group has long envisioned healthcare’s future would be changed by technology, and that its use had been left behind by other industries. The technology that has been developed through various channels and especially through the mandated central electronic medical records platforms have created enormous amounts of additional data without the ability to utilize and aggregate this data into useful information for providers. This, ironically, in Quantum’s view, has hurt doctors and has done little to improve healthcare, or reduce costs.

Noel Guillama, CEO of the Quantum Group and creator of Blue Box explains, “Today, we have the opportunity to use billions of personal devices to track our every step, action and activity level. While this information is of interest to healthy individuals, it is of critical value to those that are battling chronic conditions ranging from diabetes to heart conditions. For instance, the FitBit® or Apple® Watch on your wrist is of little value to your medical provider, because the information is passed to your cell phone and not into their files, or more importantly, your electronic healthcare record (EHR) on their computer. We are planning to connect off-the-shelf devices to an aggregator of health information using technology and people to gather, process, interpret and act as a material health event occurrence much like a control tower gathers, processes and acts on events to coordinate and provide for safe airplane traffic. We will be that central control station, to contact consumers, caregivers and/or providers as situations warrant, based on established protocols, with qualified medical and para-medical licensed professionals.” 

Grace Century CEO, Scott Wolf comments, “Noel has always believed that making devices, sensors, and trackers, while valuable, was barely scratching the surface of its potential impact to healthcare. To manage the “highway” of information of this data and its aggregation was where the benefit to society and the value to a company lay.” Wolf adds, “Noel believes doctors don’t want and can’t handle more data, in part because there is too much available, plus this creates material legal liability if the information is gathered, and not acted upon. Despite the increased risk to doctors of medical malpractice in this respect, that useful information is the key to both increasing wellness, life-span and reducing the cost of care for the future.”

The firm is presently in discussions with various capital groups who are anxious to capitalize on this untouched segment of the market.


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About The Quantum Group of Companies

The Quantum Group Inc is a leading-edge healthcare innovator, incubator and accelerator of ideas to help improve the quality of care, expand access and reduce the cost, by using new systems, process and technology. We focus on the art, science and technology of care. We have innovated new healthcare delivery systems, new ways to purchase healthcare product and services, and new way to gather and view healthcare data with our innovative PWeR® 3.0 Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) platform that is at the center of our innovations. PWeR® stands for Personal Wellness electronic Record®. This 21st-century EMR/EHR solution is a new breed of intelligent healthcare information platform, which hosts medical records and permits interactive use. Medical records to follow the patient, giving every healthcare provider that sees a particular patient, access to all the information needed to effect an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan(s). Providers are able to access a patient’s entire medical record in one glance. In critical situations, or in providing treatment to patients on the PWeR 3.0 platform, hospitals may be enabled to access full medical histories, and make educated treatment decisions, based on accurate real-time data. We are currently expanding projects in IoT/AI, medical care delivery, predictive analytics, medical office innovation and management, and a new and revolutionary use of blockchain to advance drug and therapy research.

PWeR 3.0 = One Patient…Total Connectivity®

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