Government Security Clearance Experts Announce Revamped Site

Security clearance attorney John Griffith, who assists clients with government security clearance, announces his firm has revamped its website.

Security Clearance Law Group, which specializes in Statement of Reasons response and other government security clearance matters, has revamped its website.

The redesigned site launched in May and includes information on the types of circumstances in which a person should consider hiring a security clearance lawyer.

"We have amassed considerable experience in this area of law, and we strived to create a website that adequately reflects that," said attorney John Griffith, a U.S. Army veteran who specializes in assisting clients facing security clearance denial.

The site addresses common and complex questions relating to SF-86, Letter of Intent and Statement of Reasons, to name a few examples.

Before he helped establish this firm, Griffith was the managing partner of a well-known national security clearance law firm. He and partners Catie Young and Amy Lass branched out and created Security Clearance Law Group to provide premium service at cost-effective rates.

Griffith represents members of almost every government agency, as well as most of the main government contracting firms in national security clearance cases. He has been to hearings on security clearance cases in approximately 20 states.

Young amassed her security clearance expertise while employed by one of the biggest national security clearance law firms on the West Coast. She has been involved with hundreds of appeals and written responses, and is an expert in adjudicative mitigation and security risk guidelines.

Lass leads the litigation support team as an expert in legal research, and law and motion practice.

Griffith focused on this legal field because as a veteran, he feels strongly about standing up for citizens, he said.

"It is your right to earn a living," Griffith said. "Some people cannot gain employment in specialized fields if they don't obtain security clearance. We take pride in helping make that possible for as many people as possible."
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Security Clearance Law Group is the law firm of John Griffith, Catie Young and Amy Lass. It represents service members, government employees and government contractors nationwide on all issues relating to obtaining and securing a national security clearance or other access authorization.

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