Government of Canada Commences Testing of Database for Regulatory and Sustainability Data

Peer Ledger is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract with the Government of Canada for the testing of EcoChemDB, its ground-breaking database qualified for funding under Innovative Solutions Canada. 

In this project, Peer Ledger is delivering a centralized immutable enterprise database system for testing. Representative mock data will be used to test EcoChemDB’s ability to collect and provide data for products in commerce across Canada. During the project, the database will be tested for its ability to act as a resource for government, supply chains, consumers, recyclers, and disposers. The Government of Canada will work closely with Peer Ledger to provide feedback to address any issues and incorporate user suggestions.

Key Features of the EcoChemDB Platform:

1.    Product Supply Chain Feeds - The EcoChemDB platform will be tested for taking multi-tier supply chain input feeds or digital product identifiers.

2.    User-Friendly Interface - EcoChemDB will be tested for intuitive interfaces that allow users to access product information via the scan of a 2D barcode (e.g., QR code).

3.    Real-Time Updates - EcoChemDB will be tested for automatic updates to ensure that users have access to the most current data.

4. Data Security - Encryption, access and immutable controls, and user authentication will be tested to ensure that user data is protected against unauthorized access or modification.

About Peer Ledger

Peer Ledger is a leading provider of patented supply chain governance solutions that provide scalable end-to-end traceability and transparency of supply chains in every industry. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Peer Ledger's technologies help businesses and governments achieve greater accountability and trust in their operations.

About Innovative Solutions Canada 

The Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program is a Canadian government initiative aimed at stimulating innovation by providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with opportunities to develop and test their innovative solutions in response to specific government challenges. The Testing Stream focuses on testing innovative products or services that are already developed but have not yet been widely adopted in the marketplace. The government purchases and tests these solutions within its departments, providing valuable feedback and validation.

Source: Peer Ledger Inc.

About Peer Ledger Inc

Peer Ledger is an innovative information technology company supporting the transition to the circular economy. It is the maker of MIMOSI Connect, a critical Digital Product Passport/Identifier (DPP/I) platform and the complementary EcoChem platform.

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