Got It AI Announces AutoFlows™, a Breakthrough Autonomous Conversational AI, Enabling Next Generation of Virtual Agents That Automate Unique CX Journeys for Each Enterprise

AutoFlows™ significantly lowers professional services costs and time by leveraging generative no-code AI to autonomously discover automatable dialog paths, which the enterprise can deploy as virtual agents with desired containment outcomes.

Got It AI, Gartner's 2022 Cool Vendor in Conversational AI and Natural Language Technologies, announced today its Autonomous Conversational AI for CX that utilizes generative AI, unlike the previous generation of manually built bots that use only Natural Language Understanding (NLU). At the heart of the platform are AutoFlows, which use generative AI models to create a complete and fluid conversational virtual agent from historical conversation logs. AutoFlows include all automatable dialog paths with containment estimates and are ready for configuration and testing. In addition, Got It AI's AutoMation Manager supports its own RASA-based NLU and dialog manager, and has the flexibility to support any third-party dialog manager. The entire platform runs in a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. 

Got It AI first unveiled its vision in June of 2022, as the first start-up focused on autonomous conversational AI. "Today we are unveiling the product suite that enables enterprise executives to dramatically reduce professional services costs for the design and deployment of contextual, multi-turn, conversationally fluid virtual agents," said Peter Relan, Chairman and lead investor in Got It AI. "Our founding team from Alexa AI, Microsoft 365, Oracle, Sun, IBM, and Cypress Semiconductor is enabling the next generation of truly conversational chat assistants, voice assistants and knowledge bots that leverage truly breakthrough NLP including state-of-the-art generative models."

Got It AI's AutoFlows Product Suite

AutoDiscovery Engine: Data and CX leads can work with the platform to automatically transform hundreds or thousands of historical customer journeys available in voice calls, live chat transcripts, tickets, email conversations, social feeds and more, into automatable dialog paths called AutoFlows, not just intent clusters. Complete virtual agents with fully paraphrased user intents and agent responses, forks, forms, and tasks are discovered and visualizable, with containment estimates for each dialog path.

AutoFlows Configuration Studio: Instead of tedious and manual flow design, CX leads and conversation designers can work with this autonomous, no-code configuration tool to review and configure recommended dialog paths. IT leaders can easily use AutoFlows Studio to enable integrations without coding and fully test the virtual agent prior to deployment.

AutoMation Manager: The verified and configured autonomous virtual agent design can be deployed to Got It AI's own NLU/Dialog Manager based on Rasa Open Source, or any popular third-party solution if another dialog manager already exists.

AutoLearn Optimizer: In order to optimize containment after deployment, the system automatically recommends updates to the virtual agent by repeatedly running AutoDiscovery, creating a feedback loop for continuous improvement, including analytics for business analysts. 

AutoKnowledge Bot: In addition to task-oriented virtual agents, knowledge base virtual agents are also autonomously generated. With zero configuration, the enterprise's knowledge base is used to create a fluid conversational virtual agent that can converse with a user about any article. This approach provides an effective alternative to generating bots that only provide links to articles or snippets for the user to read, or worse, manually configuring pre-determined Q&A pairs.

Solutions for Industry Verticals including Healthcare, Technology, E-commerce, Fintech

  1. QuickStart Solution: Data and CX Leads can use just AutoDiscovery and AutoFlows to quickly visualize, test and model virtual agent containment for various dialog paths without any manual effort and high professional services costs. Got It AI QuickStart does not require IT resources or deployment of a virtual agent.
  2. Advanced Virtual Agent Solution: Conversation designers can work with AutoDiscovery Engine and AutoFlows Studio to review the recommended dialog paths and virtual agent design. IT leaders and technical staff can also easily use AutoFlows Studio and AutoMation Manager to decide which integrations to enable, and which NLU/Dialog Manager to use for testing and deployment.
  3. Advanced Agent Assist solution: Quick and accurate contextual, multi-turn responses automatically generated from articles and knowledge bases using the zero configuration AutoKnowledge Bot enables the lowest average handling time and maximizes first contact resolution. 

Got It AI has engaged with enterprises, CCaaS partners, and system integration partners to make its products and solutions available through the channel of their choice. Partners and customers can go to to learn more and engage with the Got It AI team.

About Got It AI: Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Got It AI is a U.S.-based company with an R&D center in Hanoi Vietnam. AutoFlows™ is a registered trademark of Got It AI.

Source: Got It AI