Got a New Phone Accessory? Smart Stand Will Integrate It Flawlessly With Any Gadget

Smart Stand is a new generation of multi-functional holders that makes phones and smartphones more powerful and useful

Keeping a close watch on the appearance of new fancy gadgets on the markets has become common today. So is changing the mobile phones once very two-three years. As a result, the whole mobile accessories industry developed around such gadget mania. According to ABI Research, its global revenues are estimated at about US$80 billion in 2015, with a forecast to grow to $101 billion by 2020. Such accessories are diverse and are fairly affordable, so almost every one owns at least a couple of them: there are wireless charges, external batteries and hard drives, different holders, Bluetooth speakers and even mini-projectors to stream movies or presentations directly from phone.

The problem that a modern user faces nowadays is how to conveniently integrate all these various accessories with the gadgets they are built for?

POS-Technology developed a stand that will not only mount different gadgets to conveniently answer emails on work desk or watch a video recipe in the kitchen, it will also connect the smartphone with speakers to entertain a party or with a micro projector to show a business presentation, meanwhile it can even wirelessly charge the device.

Grygoriy Syerykov, Smart Stand project manager shared: “Only in our experience working with retail and hospitality sectors for the last 20 years, we see a big demand, that is counted in tens of thousands pieces yearly and keeps growing, for docking stations that turn an ordinaty tablet into a multi-functional POS-terminal. So we felt the necessity to offer an ordinary consumer something just as practical.”

The Smart Stand idea already found it’s investor and the project is on the final stage of realization now. In April this year it will be presented to the consumers on Indiegogo platform at a special price starting from $23.

The stand will have two variations: a Phone Stand (with possibility to insert a wireless charger mat even Blackberry phones) and a Tablet Stand. It will have at least two mounting options – magnetic clips and regular plastic fixtures, that can also be adjusted to accommodate a mini-projector. Thanks to adjustable top that turns 180 degrees, one can find the most appropriate height and angle for best projection. And then there’s a place for a power bank, external batteries, speakers and etc.

The developers promised that if the project finds its fans, they will add more functionality to it, already considering adding a car holder option.


“POS-Technology” Ltd is a young Ukrainian company with more than 20 years of experience in development and manufacture of technical solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors - cash registers, fiscal printers, thermal printers, scales and POS peripherals. The company provides 3D-modelling, prototyping, development and production of electronics and software applications in many countries, including Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, India and African countries. 

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We develop and manufacture technical solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors - cash registers, fiscal printers, thermal printers, scales and POS peripherals.