Gorgeous CryptoCurrency Tracker INDX01 Just Got Sexier

Expanded Apple Watch features and improved Coinbase integration make tracking HODLings a guilty pleasure

The JAMES JOHN GROUP is proud to announce the release of INDX01 v2.4. This iOS App keeps getting better with each release and v2.4 is no exception. From its humble beginnings as a simple iOS Coin App, INDX01 has evolved into a platform. It continues to add features and capabilities while still being easy to use. Its improved Apple Watch integration is now second to none.

The app makes it easy to set any coin to appear on an Apple Watch. Set price alerts and toggle the coin to appear on the watch or as a phone extension. The Apple Watch compatibility includes day, week, month and year price and volume charts.

Many active crypto investors have coins disbursed over many wallets, exchanges and accounts. INDX01 makes it easy to track them all and its "Summary Trackers" are great at summing up the selected coins. INDX01 has enhanced it's unique "Summary Tracker" to be flexible. Now, one can assign any combination of wallets and exchanges to sum. 

INDX01 provides a complimentary live link to Coinbase. Users who have a Coinbase account can easily authenticate to sync their Coinbase accounts to appear in its own tracker. In a future release, developers will be adding a group of popular exchanges for this type of direct linking. 

Here is a quick list of features:

  1. Improved Apple Watch compatibility with charts
  2. Improved detail view with volume chart
  3. A more refined UI
  4. ​Summary Trackers to roll up accounts
  5. Live Coinbase link to pull in information
  6. Free with no advertising
  7. Chat for discussions and upcoming cool integrations
  8. Notifications and widgets for maximum iOS ecosystem experience
  9. Always improving
  10. Unique research news portal
  11. It's louder

INDX01 v2.4 is a solid release that makes a gorgeous product even better. And it is still FREE.

Media Contact:
James Cicenia​​ | 773.398.4649


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