Gordon State College Launches Technology Boot Camps to Support Career Acceleration in the State of Georgia

Gordon State and Upright Education partner to offer accelerated learning programs that help working adults enter high-demand tech careers.

Gordon State Boot Camp Student

Gordon State College is excited to announce a new partnership with Upright Education to accelerate the career journeys of working adults in Barnesville, Georgia, and the surrounding cities. Upright's award-winning courses in Software Development and UX/UI Design will offer Gordon State's body of over 3,000 students access to a competitive 92% job placement rate and a 39% average wage increase.

Growth in Georgia's tech workforce is currently trending above the national average, with just under 9,000 new tech jobs expected by the end of 2022. Approximately 6,000 of these jobs will be based in Atlanta, a close neighbor of Barnesville and home to a large segment of Gordon State's student body. Gordon State College also maintains a commitment to pursuing community partnerships that enrich the broader socioeconomic landscape in the state of Georgia. Partnering with Upright will allow Gordon State to develop further its connections to the burgeoning technology sector in the surrounding area.

"The Office of Continuing & Professional Education at Gordon State College is excited about this partnership. These technology boot camps are truly game-changing and will give us a chance to continue living in our rural communities while having access to high-demand and high-paying careers. The world has changed, and it is now possible for people in our communities to stay close to home and work remotely for a large network of employers," says Simonia Ridley Blassingame, Director of Continuing & Professional Education. 

Upright Education's courses include full-time and part-time live online programs and offer multiple tuition assistance programs to help career changers take an Upright Program for little to no upfront expense. Both organizations have built their curricula to be as flexible and dynamic as working adults' professional aspirations and initiatives in navigating the new skilled labor economy.

Benny Boas, CEO of Upright Education, explained the importance of these education programs. "Working adults want to learn new skills that allow them to jump into a new career, but they don't want to spend years getting there. By partnering with Gordon State College, we are providing thousands of learners the opportunity to start a new career in as little as 12 to 24 weeks."

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please join Gordon State College and Upright Education staff at our upcoming boot camp information session on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at 6 p.m. EDT, register here.

For more information on these programs or to apply, visit us here.

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