Gorayeb & Associates Celebrates Unwavering Dedication to Local Hispanic Community

Helping New York City to help harbor a better, safer, and healthier environment for its local Hispanic population

Gorayeb Associates PC

Over the years, Gorayeb & Associates has worked diligently to connect and network with several nonprofit organizations throughout New York City to help harbor a better, safer, and healthier environment for its local Hispanic population. In fact, in 2017 Gorayeb & Associates inaugurated a community, Gorayeb Centro Comunitario in Corona, Queens.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher J. Gorayeb, one of New York City's preeminent personal injury attorneys, supported more than 10,000 local Hispanic families in his community. For over a decade, Gorayeb & Associates has sponsored local children's soccer leagues, baseball leagues and a number of nonprofits that directly serve the Hispanic community, including:

  • Sisa Pakari Centro Cultural & Laboral
  • Ecuadorian Civic Committee of New York
  • Frente Hispano Local 79
  • Amigos Por Siempre de La 78 Inc.

For decades, the nickname of the law firm has been 'Los Abogados del Pueblo,' which translates to 'The People's Lawyers.' Gorayeb celebrates this title as a huge honor, especially since the entire team is completely committed to serving their Hispanic and immigrant communities.

Due to their diehard commitment to the needs of the people that make up the backbone of both their community and their firm, Gorayeb is beyond enthusiastic to grant sponsorships to numerous nonprofits and their community outreach programs. "I am proud to have founded a law firm that is dedicated to defending the rights of workers and the immigrant community. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that our work obtains justice for the most vulnerable in our community," Gorayeb enthusiastically exclaims. 

Gorayeb & Associates continues to stay involved with its beloved Hispanic community and has plans to extend its interests to provide more contributions to local nonprofit organizations. 

More About Gorayeb Law:

For over 35 years, Gorayeb & Associates has represented injured workers and offered justice for construction accident victims. Along with this undertaking, the firm also strongly serves and defends the Hispanic community, making them truly deserving of the nickname, 'The People's Lawyers.' Since its inception, Gorayeb and his team have made it their mission to protect the rights of immigrant workers and promote Hispanic culture.

You can contact Gorayeb Law at info@gorayeb.com or (646) 542-1247.

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For over 35 years, Gorayeb & Associates have represented injured workers as NY Construction Accident Lawyers. During that time they have represented over 10,000 construction workers.

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