GoPrime Mortgage Promotes Kevin Neely to Director of National Sales

GoPrime Mortgage Promotes Kevin Neely to Director of National Sales

When asked about a dream occupation, does "manager for a mortgage company" come to mind? Kevin Neely has found himself in a position at GoPrime where he thrived by pointedly focusing on helping others succeed. Driven by guiding teams to reach their goals through focused leadership, Kevin says, "Seeing someone astonished by their achievements is the best reward to me."

This determination has taken him on quite a journey in the near decade he has worked for GoPrime, and they are thrilled to announce his promotion from East Coast Sales Manager to Director of National Sales. This position will allow him to continue developing with the company, leading others to grow in their positions so they can help their communities find investment properties and dream homes. 

Kevin Neely began his career in real estate working for a small homebuilder, loved his position, and quickly rose to one of their top salespeople. While working in real estate, he became closely linked with GoPrime as one of the primary lenders he worked with. When approached with a position and recognizing the great opportunity in the mortgage industry, Kevin was inspired. Before that point, he was unaware of the growing potential within the mortgage lending sector. 

Kevin states, "Our values of always doing the right thing and sticking to our word is important to me, and a value that I want to pass along to my children. The openness to ideas and the collaboration between departments is simply incredible; the strength of each department feeds confidence in each individual's role." 

When asked why he does what he does, Kevin answered, "Where to begin?" Having been involved in so many incredible experiences, he finds it difficult to answer in such a simplistic fashion. Neely states, "If I had to write my own job description, I would say I retain, recruit, and refine the sales team at GoPrime mortgage, utilizing the full strength of the organization." 

Kevin Neely is a fantastic example of servant leadership: bravely setting the example for others to follow by paving the way through hard work and achievement. Thanks in part to him, GoPrime has been rapidly expanding, so much so that new positions are opening regularly.

Kevin states what is most worth celebrating within GoPrime Mortgage: "Our continued growth and the development of our employees. We always look for the right attitude first; skills we can teach, but we can't supply a positive attitude. We've always remained focused on purchase business, and do not sit back and rely on rates that would eventually increase; we knew the storm ahead and we moved toward it." GoPrime encourages you to join in congratulating their new Director of National Sales, Kevin Neely. 

GoPrime is always excited to welcome new members to the team. For more information about joining the GoPrime family, email

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