GoodNeighbor Community App Launched to Bring Neighbors Together

In these uncertain times, the GoodNeighbor app brings neighbors closer together and supports local businesses

GoodNeighbor screenshots

The GoodNeighbor Community App has been released to serve as a free community resource to support neighbors and local businesses in these uncertain times. Available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store today, GoodNeighbor can be used as a community networking tool for residential and other group-based networks. GoodNeighbor provides streamlined neighbor-to-neighbor communication, allowing community members to organize “pup play dates,” do favors for one another and even provide each other with resident-specific COVID-19 updates. Further, GoodNeighbor supports local communities by giving small businesses and service providers the ability to connect with communities for free. During this time, we must come together by staying apart, and that is what GoodNeighbor was built for.

GoodNeighbor has launched to welcome praise; “There is no better time than now for this app as we need to be good neighbors to one another, now more than ever,” one five-star review read. Receiving five stars out of five stars in the Apple app store since launch, users comment on GoodNeighbor's friendly user interface, security measures and the app’s streamlined ability to connect neighbors with one another. “I just moved to Austin into a 200+ unit building and GoodNeighbor is the perfect tool for meeting neighbors,” one Texas resident commented.

As we come together to fight the COVID-19 virus, GoodNeighbor will be a free community resource. To sign up your community, please go to and select  “Create your community.” The GoodNeighbor Community app may be downloaded from Apple and Android app stores today.

Source: GoodNeighbor Technologies inc.