GoodData Announces GoodData Cloud

GoodData's next-generation real-time analytics platform launches on AWS

GoodData, a leader in data and analytics infrastructure, announced today the general availability of GoodData Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the next-generation cloud analytics platform focused on ease of adoption, API-first design, and integration with the modern data stack.

"As companies move their data to cloud data warehouses and data lakes, they need easy access to cloud analytics infrastructure. This infrastructure needs to enable them to mine their data for real-time insights and deliver these insights across all digital workspaces or systems of work," said GoodData's Founder and CEO Roman Stanek. "We are excited to work with AWS on this launch. The global availability of GoodData Cloud on AWS allows us to deliver scalable analytics services that follow the local laws and compliance regulations worldwide."

GoodData Cloud brings these key innovations to the market:

  • Instant access — no installation or credit card required
  • Data source querying in real-time without the need to move data
  • Creation of visualizations and dashboards with a drag-and-drop user interface
  • Self-service analytics integrated into customer applications
  • Analytics consumption via open APIs and standard protocols

GoodData Cloud is a fully managed, open, API-first analytics platform, and it comes pre-integrated with modern analytics services like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Dremio. GoodData cloud also offers a wide variety of APIs, Software Development Kits (SDK), and low-code/no-code user interaction tools from dashboards to data exploration, plus out-of-the-box multi-tenancy, compliance, and advanced security.

"We are excited about the new features available in GoodData's Cloud solution, and the possible new markets that it allows us to start digging into short-term," said Diego Guedes, Business Intelligence Analyst at the largest technology company in Brazil, TOTVS.

"GoodData enables enterprises to build custom analytics solutions through interactive dashboards, drag-and-drop UI, and real-time data to make data-informed decisions or monetize data products. We are excited to work with a customer-focused, forward-thinking analytics organization on launching their new cloud platform," said Howard Wright, VP, Global Head of Start Ups at AWS.

For more information about the GoodData Cloud, visit our website or schedule a demo.


About GoodData

GoodData is on a mission to break data silos. Flexible, open, secure, and scalable, GoodData's leading data and analytics platform provides standardized metrics and real-time analytics across organizations and to their customers. To this day, GoodData has helped more than 140,000 of the world's top businesses deliver on their analytics goals and scale their use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics to machine learning and IoT.

GoodData is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Intel Capital, TOTVS, and others. For more information, visit GoodData's website, and follow GoodData on LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium, and Twitter.

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About GoodData

GoodData was founded as a business intelligence (BI) software platform under the guiding principle of making data impactful, insightful, and useful for organizations and end users. Over the last 15 years, due to the many changes to the data and technology landscape, a mission ignited — break data silos and enable business users to become data citizens. Through many product and feature launches, GoodData offers robust dashboards, custom insights, and unmatched governance options that have helped thousands of the world’s top businesses deliver on their analytics goals.

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