Goodbye checks and wires! Ablii now offers payments to businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

Small and medium-sized businesses have a reason to celebrate, with Ablii now offering payments in the U.S. in addition to Canada.

Ablii launches in the U.S.

Ablii by nanopay, a self-service online payments platform for businesses, is proud to announce its expansion into the U.S. market. Ablii’s presence south of the border means that businesses can send domestic payments in Canada and the U.S., and cross-border payments between the two countries.

About Ablii

nanopay Corporation launched Ablii in summer 2019 to replace traditional payment methods, such as checks and wires. While banks offer some services for large corporations, there are limited options for smaller businesses. Ablii aims to fill this void in the market and offer features that businesses are looking for, such as low-cost payments, automated updates to online accounting software, and management controls.

- Send low-cost payments: Businesses can make domestic payments for only $0.75 and cross-border payments for only $5.00 per transaction, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Competitive exchange rates, plus no sign-up or monthly fees, lets business owners try the service risk-free.

- Sync with accounting software: Manual data entry and reconciliation is time-consuming and costly. With Ablii, it’s easy to upload invoices from Quickbooks™ Online. Once payments are completed, Ablii will automatically mark that invoice as paid within Quickbooks™ Online

- Streamline workflow: Ablii lets business owners delegate payables processing by adding employees and setting access controls. Unlike traditional online banking services, business owners can maintain full visibility and approval of the payment without the burden of processing the payment themselves.

Laurence Cooke, Founder and CEO of nanopay Corporation, believes that reform rarely starts at the top, but rather percolates from consumers demanding better options. “Every industry has changed drastically, except for payments. They are slow, risky, and expensive. How can you track a pizza to the nearest meter, but not know where your money is at a given moment? It’s time for a change.”

According to a recent study, “more than 80% of small businesses want more payment options.” It’s time to give the businesses what they want. Business owners can sign up today at, and follow news impacting small-to-medium sized businesses on Ablii’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

With North America covered, Ablii looks to soon expand into other international markets to offer an affordable alternative for international payments.

About nanopay Corporation

Founded in 2013, nanopay is a global payments technology company, offering payment and liquidity management products for businesses and banks. We offer businesses a cost-effective and secure way to send cross-border payments, and offer banks and their corporate clients a real-time intercompany liquidity solution. Built on Centralized Ledger Technology (CLT), our platform delivers a high level of performance and resilience. nanopay’s long term mission is to lead the world’s transition to digital cash. To learn more about nanopay, visit our website.

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About nanopay Corporation

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nanopay is a global payments technology company offering payment and liquidity
management products for businesses and banks. Our long-term goal is to lead the world's transition to digital cash.

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