Good News Website Launches to Combat News Fatigue

According to a survey on the matter by Digital Third Coast, 67% of respondents reported feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed by the news respectively.

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Happy Headlines is a new start-up that has recently launched its new good news website, with an aim to combat the ever-evolving issue of 'news fatigue'.

The recently launched website contains bite-sized good news stories, all surrounding interesting and relevant subject areas such as climate and science, as well as heart-warming and locally-based community stories for a more personal touch. Each news story is crafted to be easily digestible for the reader, so it can be read with ease by people of all ages.

If readers want the best pick of good news stories straight to their inbox, they can sign up for the Happy Headlines newsletter, or submit their own happy news story. For all dark-mode lovers, there is even better news. The site is dark-mode themed. Dark mode can be beneficial for readers, helping to save phone battery by up to 30% as well as being easier on the eyes in dark conditions. 

At Happy Headlines the aim is simple, to make people feel happy and optimistic again and to help those who feel they are suffering from 'news fatigue', defined by Urban Dictionary as 'Becoming tired of the constant negativity or political propaganda in the news'. Readers of mainstream news often report feeling more sad and anxious compared to those who have a lower consumption. According to a survey on the matter by Digital Third Coast, 67% of respondents reported feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed by the news respectively, with another survey by the American Psychological Association reporting over half of Americans feel stressed as a result of news consumption. 

However, reading good news can help readers to feel more hopeful and optimistic, with one Happy Headlines user reporting it 'instantly brightened their mood'. In addition to helping those with news fatigue, the company also wants to help those who may be struggling with mental health by offering a chance to read something uplifting and help people to feel more optimistic.

What was the inspiration for this particular venture? Saskia Ainsworth, the founder of the start-up site, said: "I found myself dreading whenever the news would come on at diner time, it just used to make me worry and feel anxious. I just didn't want to hear it, it brought my overall mood down. I guess that's where the idea started, I thought it would be a nice idea if people had somewhere to go which made them feel more optimistic."

To add what else motivated her: "I'd like to make a positive impact in the world, to help people, to help people feel happier. In the long term, if possible, I'd really like to focus on ways I can make a positive change around the world, whether that be for people or the earth, both would be amazing, in an ideal world. Just to help people is the real goal."

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Happy Headlines is a start-up website based in the UK, that helps people navigate the world of good news and find stories that will make them feel uplifted.

You can find additional quotes via the 'About' section of the website.

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