Good Jane Launches New Cream Products: Pain, Pain, Go Away and Not This Month

CBD Cream - Pain Pain Go Away

​Good Jane is proud to announce the release of two new and exciting products to help ease your pain, relax your body, and gain mental well-being. The new creams are available now on the Good Jane website: Pain, Pain Go Away Cream and Not This Month Cream.

What Makes Good Jane Products So Unique?

Good Jane CBD products are specifically formulated to improve and protect skin, all while getting to the root cause of pain. Pain, Pain Go Away and Not This Month are packed full of therapeutic plant botanicals, broad spectrum hemp, and amino acids naturally occurring in wild-harvested Maine seaweed. Each product is formulated for a specific purpose, to ease muscle and joint pain, or to target cramps and related pain caused by PMS, Endometriosis and more.

A Nod to Their Roots, Good Jane Includes Wild-Harvested Maine Seaweed in the New Formulas

Being a Maine-based company, it was important to Good Jane to give a nod to their Maine roots with the inclusion of wild-harvested Maine seaweed in both new cream formulas. Not only included for nostalgic purposes, seaweed is a powerful ingredient often used in skin care products because of its hydrating properties. Seaweed is packed full of humectants that naturally attracts moisture from the air and puts it into your skin. It also contains vitamins E, B, and C, which are powerful antioxidants and skin protectants.

Not only does seaweed hydrate and protect the skin, but its naturally occurring amino acids also leave it plump, smooth and soothed while helping to hold back the hands of time. Incredibly, seaweed can also help sufferers of acne and rosacea to get their skin conditions under control while helping to even skin pigmentation caused by sun damage.

How Hemp Works to Reduce Pain

Good Jane's new topical pain creams are formulated with 500mg of broad spectrum hemp, or cannabidiol, to ease pain. Hemp is believed to work in the body by latching onto already-existing pain receptors in the brain, keeping them from triggering.

Many turn to hemp-derived pain relief because it can bring non-habit-forming relief. Even better, hemp products can be used without side effects like rebound headaches, muscle cramps, or internal organ damage that can occur from consistent use of OTC painkillers. Hemp is a natural, safe alternative to harsh, lab-created products.

Good Jane's Pain, Pain Go Away Cream and Not This Month Cream formulas are enhanced with the inclusion of plant botanicals like arnica, cramp bark, ginger, etc. These products are designed to pack the most powerful punch to ease pain and leave skin feeling hydrated and healthy. 

See What the Buzz is About

Good Jane products have been acknowledged in major publications like BuzzFeed, Civilized, and Ministry of Hemp. They are also beloved by customers and have dozens of 5 star reviews. 

The switch from topical pain sticks to pain creams with the new formulas was with improved absorption and convenience in mind. These products are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum tubes for easy, on-the-go application and use. Pain, Pain, Go Away is perfect for relieving muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, and so much more!

Visit Good Jane today to get your hands on Pain, Pain Go Away Cream and Not This Month Cream while supplies last. Good Jane is currently offering free shipping on all orders through December 20th with the code OVERTHISSHIP at checkout. These products also make a great gift any time of year.

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