GoNano Unveils Revolutionary Affordable Roofing System

Since its launch in 2021, GoNano has transformed the roofing industry, providing property owners with state-of-the-art nanotechnology designed to extend the lifespan of asphalt shingles and keep your home protected against the elements. Now, the forward-thinking brand is launching its latest product, Revive, opening its industry-leading products up to even more customers.

Gonano Revive

Building on 15 years of intense scientific research and its popular Shingle Saver product, Revive by GoNano is the groundbreaking new nanoparticle-based roof protection spray. This unique new formula is designed to rejuvenate and protect older roofs with asphalt shingles in a way that has never been seen before.

At a time when budgets are being tightened and households are having to watch their spending, a roof replacement is a massive cost that homeowners could do without. Revive transforms this need, capable of revitalizing tired roofs and extending their lifespan by up to 10 years for a fraction of the cost. Developed for asphalt shingle roofs, the eco-friendly solution is perfectly safe for humans, pets, and plants, while the nanoparticles ensure complete protection against the elements.

The technology used in Revive has been carefully and thoroughly tested by leading American institutions to ensure it meets the highest standards possible. This includes being tested by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) under the Impact Resistance Standard (UL2218), Fire Proofing Standard (UL790), and Great Winds Standard (ASTM D3161). To ensure customers have complete peace of mind, GoNano also offers a 5-15 year warranty against manufacturing defects and performance issues.

The launch of Revive is the latest milestone in what has been a whirlwind two years for GoNano. Since its launch in 2021, the American-designed and created business has grown from strength to strength, establishing a proven network of 40 Authorized Dealers across the country. This growth has seen the brand's innovative products utilized on thousands of roofs throughout America.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Jonathan Duquette, CEO at GoNano, added, "We are really excited to be launching our latest product. The roof is critical to keeping your home protected, but they do have a limited lifespan, and it can be incredibly costly to replace your shingles. However, we have seen countless times where a customer has been told their roof needs replacing when in fact a simple treatment could restore it for years to come. That is why we are proud to offer property owners this unique new opportunity to rejuvenate their roofs.

"Revive utilizes state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that we are the world's only provider of nanoparticle-based roof protection designed to extend the life of a shingled roof. We have worked closely with some of the country's leading institutions to create a proven product that can extend the lifespan by up to 15 years.

"We want as many property owners as possible to discover Revive, which is why our costs start from just $0.85 a SQFT!"

To learn more about GoNano and its all-new Revive nanotechnology roof protection spray, visit https://www.gonano.com.

Source: GoNano

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