Golden State Greens is Patient Focused

Golden State Greens budtenders elevate customer cannabis experience

Golden State Greens

"Cannabis you can trust." It's not just a tagline, it's the culture at Golden State Greens. Golden State Greens is now celebrating the launch of their newly redesigned website.

With a customer-first mentality, Golden State Greens budtenders develop one-on-one relationships with each customer, spending as much time with them as needed to elevate their experience. Golden State Green's cannabis staff provides exceptional service to patients by ensuring their questions are answered in a way that maintains the integrity of the brand.

"It's about establishing trust with customers by having budtenders share their experience and knowledge," said Alex Leon, Chief Marketing Officer of Golden State Greens.

Golden State Greens in Point Loma was the second dispensary to open in San Diego County in 2015.

Centrally located near the San Diego airport and beaches, they continue to offer a quality and broad selection of cannabis and CBD products.

Whether customers are looking for something to help manage emotional, mental and physical conditions or just want to take the edge off the day, patients find a variety of products to improve their quality of life.

Golden State Greens prides itself on investing in the customer's cannabis journey by building relationships. "There's a responsibility in educating customers and assessing each customer individually," Leon said. "We ask about what they're looking for and what they want their desired outcome to be."

In addition to customizing interactions, Golden State Greens uses state-of-the-art software to create online personalized shopping experiences, such as its "nug" wallet loyalty program.

"It's all part of an effort to provide more time to build customer relationships, bringing cannabis and friends together," said Chief Technical Officer Gary Strahle.

Although challenged by the COVID-19 health crisis, Golden State Greens remained open as an essential service and continued providing safe and convenient access to its quality products.

"From the beginning [of the pandemic] we've tried to comply and operate in the safest manner as we possibly can," Leon said. "Our goal was to keep a variety of products on the shelf and maintain vendor relationships."

To further expedite patient purchases, Golden State Greens also offers contactless delivery and curbside pickup. 

"We're trying to expand our business to provide better, more effective service to customers while remaining safe and family-oriented," Leon said.

That welcoming feeling is how Golden State Greens differentiates itself from other cannabis companies and provides more value to its customers.

"Golden State Greens is meant to be for everyone," Leon said. "We've always tried to make ourselves an inclusive brand. We treat all of our customers essentially like they're family," Leon said. "We try to make it so that when you walk out it feels like you got a hug from your grandma."

For more information visit: or call 844-420-8387.

Source: Golden State Greens