Golden State Greens is Bringing Back Community Events

Golden State Greens

An influencer in the cannabis industry and within the health, wellness and fitness sector, Golden States Greens knew early on that its brand would be an inclusive one that valued patient loyalty.

With the accountability of that mindset in place, the Cannabis You Can Trust brand built its image with the goal of creating an exceptional customer experience.

This is the representation you have today.

"At Golden State Greens, we have a Nordstrom's approach to the industry," said Owner/Operator Adam Knopf. "We want to be recognized as being the best, so we make sure we're offering the best products and aligning ourselves with the best brands."

That alignment comes in the form of its budtenders, products and many local partnerships, which have connected its consumers with music, friends, celebrities and an overall better quality of life, over the years.

Before the pandemic hit, the retail dispensary was heavily involved in community events, which have since taken a back seat to the global health crisis.

"We're a community-based dispensary, and with COVID, it's been hard to have community events like we're used to," Knopf said.

But Golden State Greens has plans this year to continue some of its traditions as more restrictions are lifted throughout the state and county.

"This past year, a lot of people have been pent up and cooped up, and we want to do what we can to bring everyone together," said Chief Marketing Officer Alex Leon.

Since the beginning of the global health crisis, Golden State Greens complied with all laws and operated in the safest manner possible while still providing excellent customer service.

"We're trying to expand our business to provide better, more effective service to our customers while remaining safe," Leon said. "As business owners, we're in the throes of change with this pandemic."

Currently, the Golden State Greens storefront on Hancock Street in Point Loma is gearing up to reenergize the community with beach clean-ups and an annual surfboard drive this summer.

In the past, Golden State Greens has involved itself in the community by contributing during the holiday season to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, matching whatever is raised. It also advocates for the homeless and partners with local businesses for the greater good.

Despite any hardships experienced, Golden State Greens stands as an example of a business constantly working to improve itself and maintain the integrity of its brand.

"It's super important for us to stay community-driven," Leon said. "As part of that mindset, we're always trying to evolve."

The Golden States Greens dispensary specializes in the best medical and recreational marijuana, CBD and weed delivery in San Diego's Midway District.

Golden State Greens' storefront is centrally located near the airport, along with several nearby beaches. Check out their social media for upcoming community-focused festivities on 4/20.

For more information, call (619) 268-8035 or visit their website at Golden State Greens.

Source: Golden State Greens


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