Golden Events Group, Inc. Scouting for New Talent in Dallas

The managers at Golden Events Group, Inc. recently announced that they are hiring for sales and marketing positions in the Dallas area. The managers have been actively scouting for new talent.

“We are so excited to bring new jobs to the Dallas market,” exclaimed Kaitlin M., Golden Events Group, Inc.’s president. “This company has an ambitious agenda over the next few months, and we need strong, talented individuals who can help us get right to business.”

Kaitlin , a Dallas native, noted that there are several positions open, all of which offer viable career paths. “We have a number of campaigns ready to be launched,” she explained. “Therefore, it’s imperative that we have individuals who can assume leadership roles quickly. Next month, we’ll have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. We’ll need a team of 15 leaders to keep all the plates spinning.”

"We have a number of campaigns ready to be launched,"

Kaitlin , President

Golden Events Group, Inc.’s managers anticipate that this growth will double over the next three months. “This is an absolutely critical time for us,” she said. “To properly service new brands, we’ll need a team that is motivated and driven for success to help us ensure these brands grow and reach new demographics.”

In addition to more experienced marketing professionals, Kaitlin  is also welcoming interns. “We have a great internship program that allows people to learn about interactive marketing hands-on,” she said. “It provides them with an opportunity to grow with us as well.”

Golden Events Group, Inc. Managers Describe Qualifications

Kaitlin  described the qualifications she is looking for in candidates. “First, competitive spirit is important,” she said. “We absolutely need people who are motivated to reach their goals.”

“The biggest quality we’re scouting for is a positive, can-do attitude,” Kaitlin  said. “We really need people who are willing to professionally overcome any challenges thrown their way. We want people who are creative and innovative. Also, collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of all we do, so we need people who can work successfully with others and embrace diverse perspectives.”

Kaitlin  noted that Golden Events Group, Inc. has a thorough training program to help associates master the company’s unique methodology. “We work closely with new team members to help them learn the process from research through campaign development,” she said. “Our associates are well versed in our approach. We believe in setting people up to succeed.”

“This is a thriving company,” Kaitlin  concluded. “If you’re looking for a career full of opportunity, we welcome you to contact us and learn more.”

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