Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry Becomes Select Distributor of the Amora Gem

Oregon jeweler sites enormous upside in a revolutionary alternative to a genuine diamond.

When Ron Hansen, Vice President of Operations for Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry, first laid his eyes on an Amora gem, a new and unique diamond simulant, he was challenged to detect any differences between it and a genuine diamond with his own eyes. So Mr. Hansen, a professional jeweler for over 30 years, decided to inspect the lab-grown gem under the same microscope by which he analyzed real diamonds hundreds of times before. To his amazement, he found the Amora gem to be so strikingly similar to a natural diamond of similar color, cut, clarity and carat weight that he had difficulty finding the differences even under the lens. Equally amazing was the price of these gems – only a small fraction of a real diamond. The rest was history – Mr. Hansen and BetterThanDiamond, Inc., the creator of the Amora lab-grown gemstone, entered into an agreement in which Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry has become one of only a few select distributors in the US.

The Amora gem represents the largest break-through in diamond alternatives since the cubic zirconia was introduced to the jewelry market in 1976. The gem is composed of 50% carbon and 50% silicon. It is naturally occurring around very large stars, and it only grows in extremely high temperatures that would vaporize a real diamond. In many ways, the Amora gem is better than a genuine diamond. It has 10% more brilliance, 200% more fire, greater physical stability, better color than most diamonds, and a higher level of purity than diamonds with comparable cut, grade and size.

"We are very excited over the opportunity with Amora. The folks at Amora recognized the need to partner with a jeweler that can offer a larger selection of fine popular settings for Amora shoppers, while having an understanding of e-commerce coupled with the ability to deliver honest, personable advice and service. The Amora gem will enable us to provide fine jewelry at great value to our customers in a way that very few others will be able to."

Ron Hansen, Vice President of Operations

Compared to other gems, Amora is more brilliant and with purer color than moissanite, 26% harder than sapphire, far more brilliant than cubic zirconia, harder than other diamond simulants, and equal in life cycle of the diamond. Also, the Amora Gem Ultra H&A gems are certified D, E, F and G colors, which means they are truly colorless based on the high standards of the GIA grading scale. In fact, all Amora H&A gemstones are cut to Hearts and Arrows specifications, rendering them with mathematically correct angles resulting in extraordinary brilliance.

While Amora has been in existence for a number of years, a patent restriction has slowed its growth in several countries. However, in August of this year, the patent will expire and the market for Amora gems, particularly in the US, is expected to be robust.

In addition, the packaging of these comparatively inexpensive gemstones with other precious and semi-precious gems, as well as precious metals, will create infinite possibilities in the production of fine jewelry pieces at fantastic prices.

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