Gokhshtein Media Appoints New CEO - Tammy Hammer

Gokhshtein Media is proud to announce the appointment of Tammy Hammer as the new Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.

Tammy Hammer Profile Photo

Founded in 2017, Gokhshtein Media has evolved through the development of the Blockchain industry alongside many growing projects. The founder of Gokhshtein Media, David Gokhshtein, is transitioning to a new position as Chairman in a new targeted structure for the corporation.

By appointing Tammy Hammer as the company's CEO, the team is very excited to operate under Tammy's extensive experience in business and finance to take the company through continued growth. Tammy Hammer has worked with Gokhshtein Media before the CEO position managing important administrative and team structures to facilitate the busy day-to-day content published for the global audience. The experience that Tammy has stems from managing many teams and corporate processes through finance and human resources positions. Tammy's experience in the blockchain industry reaches back to 2020, migrating through her traditional finance background, bringing a solid foundation to the corporation and community.

Gokhshtein Media has been a leader in content creation, news, articles, and online events through various stages of the blockchain industry's growth with direction from David Gokhshtein and the team members over the past five years. The business has seen a significant increase in content creation and media coverage, so ownership has sought out Tammy Hammer to take on the CEO position for Gokhshtein Media.

David Gokhshtein commented on his succession as CEO, "I am thrilled along with our team to have the opportunity to see Tammy Hammer in our CEO position to drive continued structure and efficiency in Gokhshtein Media's operations. Tammy is incredibly talented, experienced, and intelligent between business operations and the blockchain industry. Having Tammy as CEO will ultimately benefit our community and our clients as we expand many roles into new projects and initiatives that we will all be working on together."

Co-owner of Gokhshtein Media, Ross Macdonald, also commented, "The growth of Gokhshtein Media has always occurred from the efforts of our talented team members. Tammy Hammer has been a core member of the team and community for some time as she has refined many processes for the company and will continue to do so as CEO. We are honored to have the opportunity to see Tammy manage our company in all directions as we build and promote our industry on this exciting journey as a media company."

Tammy Hammer comments on her new position: "I'm incredibly excited to take on this new role as CEO of our amazing company. I feel my background in the financial industry helps give me relativity to this crypto & blockchain space I've grown to love. In taking on this role, I hope to inspire, educate and bring confidence to a more diverse blockchain industry, bringing opportunity to our customers and our community. I'm humbled by this opportunity with Gokhshtein Media and have the utmost respect for David and his team for what they have built. I look forward to what the future holds and working with everyone.

As the company works through the balance of 2022, multiple goals are solidified, such as expanding business through capital raises, a mobile app, and additional divisions innovating with decentralized products.

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