GoFoodservice 2020 Recap


​​​​​This past year, full of chaotic uncertainty, has also brought changes to GoFoodservice. The first of those changes was the rebranding from Consolidated Foodservice to GoFoodservice in January of 2020. The company has enjoyed these changes with its brand and has been met with positivity.

Along with the many changes that 2020 brought to the world, GoFoodservice has had the chance to redirect its focus as a newly renovated brand. Part of doing that involved removing a large amount of equipment repair parts to focus on growing its selection of restaurant supplies. GoFoodservice is sure this will help restaurants as they reorganize and rebuild in the new year by getting them the equipment and supplies needed.

In tandem with rebranding and refocusing, GoFoodservice has increased its selection of products to over 30,000 SKUs in 2020. This provides customers with more options for all of their restaurant needs.

One thing that no one can deny about 2020 was the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID crisis, GoFoodservice was happy to help massive amounts of customers with all of their sanitation needs. As everyone paid more attention to sanitation, GoFoodservice was happy to meet those demands, especially with hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers. The company is thankful to all its customers for their continued support, as well as their dedication to helping slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

GoFoodservice is also happy to have the opportunity to donate sanitation and PPE products to local restaurants and child care facilities, two businesses that have been hit hard because of the pandemic. With so many restaurants and child care centers having to close their doors, either temporarily or permanently, GoFoodservice has been honored to help keep many of them staying afloat with proper sanitation equipment and PPE.

In an effort to acknowledge and meet the need for more affordable and economically priced heavy equipment, GoFoodservice has expanded its offerings of affordable, quality-driven products. The company plans to continue to offer the best brands in the market but hopes this effort to expand its selection will bring products to more businesses, especially those that are struggling during these turbulent economic times. Whether it be a startup or a long-standing business, GoFoodservice plans to be there to provide the equipment needed for success.

GoFoodservice also knows how difficult it can be to find funding, especially as a young business. To accommodate these small businesses and those who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, GoFoodservice offers affordable financing with the help of third-party partners. The company hopes this will help businesses rebuild and grow after these difficult times.

Finally, GoFoodservice is thankful for all of its customers who have helped throughout the year with their continued patronage. Their contributions helped the company be able to support restaurants and child care facilities. GoFoodservice is looking forward to 2021 as a year full of possibilities and can’t wait to have its customers join in celebrating it.

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