GoCharlie.ai Releases First AI Programmatic Content Product: Campaign in a Click

AI developed to tell brand stories across multiple pieces of content all at once

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Today, GoCharlie.ai ("GoCharlie"), a Generative AI company, announced the launch of their Campaign in a Click product. Campaign in a Click allows content creators to use a website URL, audio or video file, YouTube URL, or text content to create a campaigns worth of content tailored to best practices for the end platform. Campaign in a Click can be used to create Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social Campaigns. This feature leverages the company's proprietary AI engine, Charlie.

Charlie was trained to learn the appropriate tone and style for each platform, the perfect mix of emojis and hashtags, and delivers a unique campaign experience for each brand or product you need to create content for. Charlie's powerful Campaign in a Click capabilities allow users to:

  • Generate summaries of a YouTube video, Website, or long form text content as precursors to creating new content
  • Turn an Audio or Video file into a viral social media campaign
  • Create a blogs out of anything
  • Rewrite your own articles from a URL or text input to create new variations

"We envision the future of marketing will be driven by users' data that can tell unique stories across multiple pieces of content while considering the customers' brand voice, goals, and target audience. Our AI, Charlie, can process data from multiple informational modalities at once, like image, audio, and text, can create a cohesive narrative of unique content," said Dr. Kostas Hatalis, CEO and founder of GoCharlie. "Solopreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our economy but are at a distinct disadvantage to larger players in the digital age. We want to put an easy-to-use tool that leverages cutting-edge AI into their hands. In doing so, Charlie becomes their resident AI marketer and makes us a partner in our customers' success."

Campaign in a Click is an expansion of Charlie's already revered AI content creation capabilities. Charlie can already create near final draft versions of blogs for SEO, website copy, product page copy and 50+ other content types. Charlie can also create brand visuals for Marketing with the first released 4K image generation model. Further to the companies Multimodal Aspirations, Charlie can use Audio, Video and Images as an input for creating other types of content as well. To make sure everything is optimized and neatly put together, Charlie's Content Scoring capabilities guide the user to improve their content to maximize engagement, reduce toxicity and bias, and follow marketing best practices.

"There has been an explosion of AI adoption across all kinds of workflows. When we talked with our customers, what became abundantly clear was there was no solution that could tell stories across multiple pieces of content. Approaching Marketing from a programmatic standpoint is a necessity for businesses," said Brennan Woodruff, COO and co-founder of GoCharlie. "Creating the content for each component of a campaign takes ages currently, even for us before this product. Telling stories across multiple pieces of content also unlocks multi-platform optimization, and a potential platform play to work with other AI tools to give our customers the best content for their needs."

"This feature combined with our other suite of products move Charlie into a true marketing assistant for our customers. Charlie no longer gets one input and gives one back, instead he thinks programmatically, learns your brand voice, guides you to improve your content, and will eventually recommend marketing strategies. We've entered a whole new way AI can interact with our customers."

Charlie's powerful Multimodal AI engine has helped over 10,000 businesses create and optimize marketing content for blogs, websites, and social media. Charlie helps guide the user further using his Content Scoring capabilities to recommend changes to users, to ensure maximum quality and engagement.

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About GoCharlie

GoCharlie is a Multimodal generative AI company, and the creator of Charlie. Charlie is a proprietary and Multimodal Generative AI-powered engine designed to help anyone create engaging marketing content across entire campaigns. GoCharlie was founded by a team of recent AI Ph.D. graduates, part of Nvidia Inception and is an alumnus of the famous Alchemist Accelerator group, which helps bring revolutionary early-stage companies to market. The Company was mentioned alongside AI powerhouses in the Wall Street Journal, and was a Product Hunt #1 Product in the same month. The company has global offices in the Bay Area, Philadelphia, Denver, and Greece. Learn more at www.gocharlie.ai.

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