Goat Lords: The Most Anticipated Card Game of 2016

Goat Lords, a hilarious card game by the renowned game studio Gambit Games, presents the perfect balance of fun and strategy in his new family friendly card game.

The game design team at Gambit Games unveiled today the latest installment in its game franchises — a family friendly, strategic card game called Goat Lords, which quickly is becoming one of 2016’s most anticipated releases. For the first time, Gambit Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production and circulation of Goat Lords, a trend made popular with successful card games such as Exploding Kittens and Kingdom Death. Speaking to ConservoNewsgame designer Stephen Poole explained the choice to use Kickstarter:

“Over the past few years, Kickstarter has really taken off for games. Kickstarter builds excitement about a game, and it gives people a chance to feel invested in the development process. Not only that but if they pledge at a certain level, they get other cool game features — expansion packs and other neat stuff. That’s why we wanted to use Kickstarter — to give players a sense of ownership and belonging.”

Funding card games on Kickstarter has become increasingly common. According to data reported by Vox Media’s Polygon, the number of games funded through Kickstarter rose 117% between 2012 and 2014, from 913 games funded in 2012 to 1979 in 2014. The trend signifies a growing interest games and follows the resurgence of tabletop games of the last several years. The Gambit Games team is banking on continued interest in 2016. “We’re very confident Goat Lords will be successful,” said Stephen. “But it’s still nerve-racking to use a new platform [like Kickstarter].” He added: “But we feel good about it.”

Though Goat Lords has some similarities with other recent games, it develops a new concept — strategy. When asked what currently available games Goat Lords was modeled after, Stephen suggested “Risk,” “Cover Your Assets,” and “Exploding Kittens.” He added: “We thought it was pretty unique to model our family card game after the strategic elements of games like Risk. That’s what sets us apart from other games. Not many games have cool, funny illustrations, but also strategy.”

Goat Lords was made available on Kickstarter on March 10, 2016; it has already reached 59% of its funding goals and is projected to substantially overfund.


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