Goat-Chickens 'Cabrollos' in Guatemala

The latest in GMO is coming from Guatemala, goat-chickens. In Spanish 'cabra' is goat and 'pollo' is chicken = cabrollo

The latest in GMO is coming from Guatemala, goat-chickens. Buenas Cosas, a small nonprofit womens group in Guatemala, has been mixing goats and chickens since 2011. Angelica Marroquin, directora of Buenas Cosas explained, “Possums don’t like goats. We keep the goats and chickens together – keeps the possums from eating the chickens.” Now it seems the chickens and goats got a bit more friendly than planned.

Xococto creek, scattered with wild sugarcane, runs beside the small green pasture where Buenas Cosas is developing their unique breed of ‘cabrollos’, goat-chickens. The cheese, eggs, meat, milk and yogurt helps support Buenas Cosas nonprofit social development projects in their 20 Partner Communities of 5,000 families: family organic gardens, good wood stoves, English for kids, planting cashew trees and lots more.

“We’re not expecting overnight success with our cabrollo project. The chickens are sleeping with the goats and that’s a good start. We don’t know how long this will take. Some people say our cabrollos will never happen. We figure, do it naturally – leave the chickens and goats together (100% free-range, natural, organic) and sooner or later we’ll have 100% cabrollos, or not”, said Marroquin with a grin.

More information available at http://buenascosas.org/cabrollos

About Buenas Cosas

Buenas Cosas serves 20 Partner Communities and 5,000 families / 30,000 rural poor. Buenas Cosas' sustainable social development projects are built from the the ground-up with a functional respect for local cultures, traditions and values.

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