Go Samba boys, Go get the cup!!

The decisive round of 16 in the Football world cup is under its way and already we have seen history being repeated at Rustenberg

28th June - The decisive round of 16 in the Football world cup is under its way and already we have seen history being repeated at Rustenberg, where USA were sent home by Ghana in a similar fashion that took place 4 years ago. As this phase progresses, there comes the big names in the draw such as Brazil, Germany, England, Spain and Argentina. The following matches are sure to have a look into, as we can witness upsets or the football giants will have an easy progress to the next stage. One such match in the knockout stage is the all time favorites Brazil taking on the South American counterparts Chile at Ellis Park, Johannesburg.

This match will be a feast to all the sports betting sites as betters all over the world will plunge into betting to make a fortune on their own. Since Brazil is taking center stage, there is no doubt that expectations as well as the betting activities are sure to reach its peak earlier than expected. Taking a look at the statistics between the two teams, it is very obvious that Brazil has the upper hand, but considering Chile's present form in South Africa, they can stretch the five time world champion to the limits. Betting sites online are sure going to have a tough time dealing with the traffic for this upcoming match.

Taking a look at the Brazil's performance so far in this edition of world cup, we witnessed the same spirit, skill and class of the typical South American style that was being showcased from earlier times. There is no doubt that they finished at the top of the group G even though they had tough opponents. Also they have remained unbeaten till now shows the quality of this Dunga's young team. The samba boys are ready to take on anything that comes in their way of lifting the trophy. On the other hand, Chile has also been impressive in the group stages of the World cup registering two wins. Chileans are known for their attacking style and go for the shot straight away. They are sure to test the goalie with lots of shots.

Bookmakers should be very busy prior to this exciting game and there are many surprises waiting for them as the traffic is expected to be too high. The number of betting activities should be very high and it is pretty obvious that there are more to come before the start of the game. To make the betting more interesting, several bookmakers are rendering several promotional items such as Bookmaker Bonus code and other attractive offers. The leading bookmaker, sportsbook is also offering such offers and users can avail Sportsbook promotions to improve their chances of winning.

The mighty Brazilians will be happy to have their key players return to the squad. Their play maker, Kaka returns after facing a controversial one match ban during their match against Ivory Coast. Elano, coming off from injury will add more strength to the team. Robinho also returns after being rested for the Portugal match. They are sure to toil the opponents with their dreadful ball skills and accuracy. Chile should be ready against any kind of attack from Brazil and look to score at any chance. It is a wait and watch as who will have the last laugh? Which dance is awaiting us, Samba or Cueca?

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