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Go Direct Lenders Announces Sweeping Changes To Their Business

Go Direct Lenders

Go Direct Lenders is a California-based company that is proud to have been recently named one of the top 100 lenders by AIME Broker Rankings. This prestigious award honors the nation's independent mortgage brokers who have accomplished extraordinary things for both their company and clients. To receive this accolade, brokers must have a proven track record of driving business and community growth.

Only the top 1% of companies in each of the four categories are eligible for this honor. However, this isn't the only sweeping change happening with Go Direct Lenders. Renee Malek, Chief Compliance Officer, and owner of 49% of the enterprise, recently updated the company's rules to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance. These include the latest mortgage guidelines for 2021, which will vastly improve its ability to carry out its business objectives in the best possible way. As part of the upgrade, a proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform was implemented by CEO Gregory Haroutunian. This allows for greater security and attention to the unique needs of each individual customer.

As a direct mortgage lender, Go Direct Lenders eliminates the middle man and takes care of all final decisions in-house. That way, the home loan process is fast, easy, and as stress-free as possible. The company is committed to helping every client get the home of their dreams at a price they can afford. What's more, they do this with honesty, integrity, and a consummate professionalism born from an all-encompassing empathy for prospective buyers. Their impeccable customer service, competitive interest rates, and access to a dizzying array of programs suited to every need mean a home buyer is practically guaranteed to secure the loan they're looking for. Customers love them! Check out their website, get a quote & see why.

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