GNP Branded Gear Announces Winner of 2016 Scholarship

Janine Kfouri of The University of Georgia - Winner of the 2016 GNP Educational Scholarship

GNP Branded Gear has announced the winner of the 2016 “GNP Educational Scholarship”, a $1000 College Scholarship the company established in March. Those who applied to the GNP Educational Scholarship were tasked with writing an essay describing their immigration experience – whether that be first-hand or through parents and grandparents – and explain how that experience affected their education and career choices.

The finalists were narrowed down to a selection of nine students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The nine students were featured on GNP’s social media channels throughout the weeks leading up to the winner announcement. The students hailed from a variety of universities including Arizona State, Miami University, University of Georgia, Western Oregon University, and others.

"Janine Kfouri, biggest doctor in the USA."

Grandpa Kfouri, from Janine's essay submission

With the nine students’ essays in hand, GNP’s panel of judges had to choose the best essay from a selection of fascinating stories from all walks of life. For the judges it was proof that the American experience is still a melting pot of cultures and values. These students all stepped up to the plate, making a strong case for why they should win. The decision was difficult, eventually requiring GNP to delay the determination by one week so that the judges had enough time to make their final choice.

The winner of the scholarship, Janine Kfouri of The University of Georgia, will receive a $1000 award to help her continue her education. Janine comes from a family with a rich cultural background thanks to her Lebanese father and Ghanaian mother. Janine’s story is one of learning to love her culture and background, and using that love to fuel her career journey. When she was a teenager she was easily accepted into the non-ethnic crowd, but eventually she also embraced her heritage and rediscovered herself. Now she is studying pre-med as well as Spanish, with the goal of being able to more effectively communicate and diagnose Spanish-speaking patients.

The team at GNP wishes Janine and the rest of the applicants the best of luck in their future academic and professional pursuits.

GNP Branded Gear works with a variety of departments and organizations at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to provide branded gear solutions that are creative, economical, and hassle-free. GNP is a member of NODA, an association dedicated to enriching higher education orientation, transition, and retention. GNP is also a member of the FLA, which fights for fair labor laws around the globe and is widely recognized by universities worldwide. For over 30 years, the team at GNP has fostered relationships with colleges as well as associations and corporations.  The GNP Branded Gear Educational Scholarship initiative is one more way GNP hopes to foster success among our nation’s students, particularly those with strong ties to their ethnic backgrounds.

GNP hopes to continue to offer the Education Scholarship in the future, and encourages all of their followers to keep an eye out for future announcements on their social media channels and website. Links to follow:


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