Gnome Launches First-Ever Organic DIY Lawn Care Program

The Subscription Box Promises Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Customized for Customers' Lawns, That's Easy to Apply from a Hose

The Organic Fertilizer Plan from Gnome

Lawn care startup Gnome has launched a first-of-its-kind organic lawn care subscription box

Gnome aims to make organic landscaping accessible to every homeowner in the United States. 

According to Pew Research, 45% of U.S. adults believe organic produce is healthier than conventional produce. With the large and rising interest in organic products, it is no surprise that organic is moving from farm, to table, to the lawn and garden. 

Before today, individuals had limited organic options for lawn and garden fertilizer. Legacy organic brands like Dr. Earth are available in home improvement stores, but Gnome is part of a rise in subscription-based DIY lawn care programs that promise custom plans, easy-to-follow instructions, and direct-to-consumer shipping. 

The company's Director of Product, Pierce O'Donnell, says, "We're giving every homeowner the option to go organic. This new bi-annual subscription box offers a premium, customized, organic lawn care plan without the hassle of unreliable and unaccountable lawn care professionals. It's easy to do it yourself with help from Gnome." 

Gnome's stated mission is to "make grass greener with products that are good for people, pets, and the planet," and this new product launch is consistent with that mission. The company emphasized sustainability and safety in describing the plan. 

Conventionally manicured, monoculture lawns have come under fire from environmental groups for being water intensive, using too much fertilizer, and not producing food. The most commonly cited environmental issue is that fertilizer leaches into local freshwater supplies, causing algae blooms that upend ecosystems. 

The Organic Plan from Gnome promises to deliver the right amount of nutrients for each customer's lawn, preventing over-fertilization. The program uses biostimulants like kelp and humic acids to help plants thrive without the risk of throwing ecosystems out of balance. 

Safety is also a concern. According to a recent CDC study, glyphosates, a common ingredient in conventional lawn care products and a potential carcinogen, are present in the bodies of 82% of Americans. The Organic Plan from Gnome is free of glyphosates and pet friendly. 

O'Donnell says, "Our Organic Plan is the most human-safe and eco-friendly lawn care plan money can buy." 

The plan features three unique formulas: All-in-One Grass & Garden, an all-purpose fertilizer with a balanced blend of essential nutrients; Liquid Lush, a potassium and humic acid supplement; and Mighty Micros, a micronutrient booster.

The subscription starts at $79 and renews every six months. Subscribers receive three to ten one-liter nutrient pouches each year, depending on the size of their yard. Gnome offers soil testing as an add-on to diagnose nutrient deficiencies. The plan is designed for yards as large as 10,000 square feet, or 0.23 acres. All three organic formulas are also available for one-time purchase on Gnome's website,

About the Company
Gnome is a subscription box changing the lawn care game. All-natural, super powerful lawn nutrients are easy to apply from a hose. Premium, natural ingredients are safe for kids and pets and yield visibly greener grass in two to three weeks. Gnome's proprietary Soil IQTM database defines the ideal, custom nutrient plan for every home's soil, climate, and grass type. Subscribers are guaranteed: Love Your LawnTM in 100 days or receive a full refund. Learn more at or follow @trygnome. 

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