GMV Brings Together Transit Community for Maui

GMV is bringing together its employees, customers and partners to raise funds that will go directly to Maui Bus' preferred relief organization. Today, GMV can confirm a pledge of $25,000.

Maui Wildfire

As the nation marks one month since the deadliest wildfire in America, recovery efforts for Maui continue with great assistance needed. Today, GMV, the technology solutions partner of Maui Bus, rallies its vast transit network in a fundraising endeavor. 

Maui Bus aided in the evacuation of more than 42,000 people off Maui in the first few days after the wildfire outbreak - many of whom were visitors. Additionally, Maui Bus coordinated on-demand shuttle services for those at emergency shelters to get goods and services and move between temporary housing locations, distribution centers and service centers. Efforts continue in transporting emergency responders and volunteers throughout the region, and the agency is designing new routes that will allow for connectivity between Central Maui and West Maui, where the fire outbreak occurred. Long-term rebuilding will focus on creating a more resilient transportation system and reducing the impacts of future natural disasters. 

GMV is uniting employees, customers and partners in an effort to raise funds that will go directly to Maui Bus' preferred relief organization, Maui United Way, to provide immediate financial assistance through grants to non-profits at the forefront of the relief efforts and to households that have been affected. Today, GMV can confirm a pledge of $25,000 on behalf of its efforts. "The heart of our business is in connecting communities and people. Like so many, witnessing the destruction and devastation to the community in Maui, we were moved to do whatever we could to help," said Ian Sephton, CEO of GMV's US transportation division. "From using our technology and solutions-based team to help build back the transportation in and out of Maui to raising funds across our network, we will be there from the recovery to rebuilding."

"GMV is not a behind-the-scenes contractor or provider - they are genuine partners. We are grateful for their efforts to aid our organization, employees, families and community at large, alongside the efforts of all our partners in the transit community," said Maui Bus CEO, Marc Takamori. "Despite the immeasurable loss of lives, livelihoods, homes and history, our spirit remains strong thanks to the overwhelming support that we've received from within Maui and throughout the world, including partners like GMV, who provide us with hope and a sense of resoluteness that no matter what the future holds, we will overcome." 

GMV underscores its commitment to society, emphasizing its corporate values of generosity, solidarity, and cooperation. Year after year, the company collaborates with non-profit organizations and responds to social, economic, and environmental issues that have the potential to generate a situation of inequality among citizens.

Those who wish to join the transit community in these efforts, please visit

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