Glogster Goes Personal With a New License for Individuals

After huge success in the educational market, the Glogster app is getting personal with a brand new individual license, broadening the scope of digital communication.

When Glogster released their mobile application in September 2014, they knew that the ability to create multimedia posters on the go would have an enormous impact on the spontaneous sharing of experiences. Nearly one year later, after 500,000 downloads and Best App award from the AASL, the new Personal license is opening the platform to a much wider user-base, paving the way for truly creative multimedia communications.

The license is designed for a user base as versatile as the application is, assisting family members in sharing adventures and memories, friends in extending social invitations and business people in promoting and presenting. Just as the original app grew and evolved in the hands of its users, so Glogster Personal will tell its users’ stories, and let them shape its own.

On top of the app’s much-acclaimed original features such as the built-in web browser, the new license incorporates updates that enhance the individual experience. Support for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 alongside SMS sharing allows users to create and send personal multimedia messages direct from their phones. Likewise, Glogster’s 200 new templates offer a vast range of themes and formats, while the Auto-Arrange feature swiftly sizes and scatters multiple media elements, cutting out the hassle of formatting. Altogether, the application is changing face of digital communication - rather than a single image or video, users can easily share all kinds of media on a single page, offering recipients a unique perspective.​​​

Glogster Personal can be purchased directly from the mobile application as a lifetime license or a monthly subscription which will be available during October.

About Glogster

Glogster is a leading name in digital creativity, founded in 2007. Glogster Personal is a mobile solution designed for everyday mobile creation and communication.

Press contact:
Alicia Lewis