globaledit Launches New Digital Asset Management Platform to Help Creative & Marketing Teams Accelerate Creative Production

Customers can now streamline collaboration, workflow and asset management tasks related to creative production directly from globaledit.


​​​globaledit, the leader in Creative Asset Management solutions, is introducing the next generation of its Digital Asset Management platform, a new iteration aimed to solve the challenges in producing high-quality visual assets at scale all from the cloud. The launch of globaledit’s new software includes new capabilities added to the platform that further enable creative teams to collaborate, communicate and execute while minimizing production timelines and maximizing output. 

globaledit strives to provide enterprise clients with a Digital Asset Management platform that optimizes their creative workflow. Now, with this release, globaledit can take a product that has already been successful for these clients and make it even better. “This is why globaledit exists. We build software that makes it easy for any creative to manage and navigate the production and distribution complexities,” said Brian Gavin, President of globaledit. 

As enterprise companies identify the need to scale creative, asset management and marketing functions, globaledit is pivoting with the times to advance necessary technologies. This next-generation release allows organizations to innovate their workflow with a tool that’s dynamic & immediately customizable.

gobaledit is currently utilized by the world’s top-tier companies in media, entertainment, retail, eCommerce and many others in order to have one source of truth for all of their creative assets. “It is ideal for team communication and collaboration both in office and remotely,” globaledit’s Vice President of Product, Mansoor Basha, said. “In the fast-evolving, new dynamic of creative production, where a lot of remote work is done, the new release allows for techs, creative directors, art directors, talents and agents to collaboratively work effectively and efficiently.”

globaledit promotes through its feature functionality the ability to import every creative asset, from all stages, streamlining how users communicate with their teams through ratings, comments, permissions, markups using the built-in markup editor, comparing different versions of a single asset, and searching for assets using metadata that makes assets readily available. All of the existing features live on the backbone of secure cloud-based governance that ensures your assets are safe, always.

Now, globaledit is aiming to take the existing platform that allows enterprise organizations to thrive and doubling down by making it even more intuitive and collaborative. 

How globaledit’s new release will help organizations across industries:

Watermarks: globaledit customers now have a vastly improved watermarking process which permits additions of watermarks to all of their creative assets based on specific customizations such as size, opacity, logos, usernames, and even patterns of the watermarks. Once set up it can be assigned based on collection or folder requirements as well.

Approvals: Approval Galleries are a required step for Media and Entertainment (M+E) industry workflows. Our approval gallery setup will allow talent and their agents to “Approve” or “Kill” assets based on their contractual obligations in a very user-friendly manner. In addition to that, the studio officials can monitor and manage a report of all the galleries in progress and edit as and when appropriate.

Contact Sheet: globaledit’s patented contact sheets now come with expanded functionality. In this release, you can expect contact sheets to function as a PDF of your folder/collection/search results. Users like Producers, Marketers, Retail Display Managers and more will be able to quickly create a PDF without using any external tools that fit the assets into a page format. This is a great way to take notes and make approvals by hand if needed.

Collections: Users can now organize and manage their collections based on which are active, expired or archived. In addition, they can group their collections based on needs and expiration dates. Lastly, users can now invite others to a newly made collection thereby eliminating the need for setting up library access and building more collaboration into the platform with other users.

Metadata: globaledit has made it incredibly easy for users to update and export metadata in and out of the application in bulk. This is particularly useful when data is coming in and out from third parties and want to ensure the latest information is captured in globaledit, including small variations in the CSV and XMP creation. It is an exifTool-friendly format, a standard tool in the photography workflow. 

About globaledit:

globaledit is the leading cloud-based saas application leveraged by brands, agencies and studios to manage high volume photo & video content creation and delivery. As a Creative Asset Management solution, globaledit solves for asset management, collaboration and workflow within one tool. Assets move from the point of capture, editing, retouching, approvals and distribution seamlessly, thereby reducing production costs and improving time to market.


Gayana Sarkisova

Source: globaledit