Global Vision NGO Camps for Breast Cancer Mammography in Mumbai

Global Vision NGO in Thane organized a camp for cancer awareness and mammography screening to detect breast cancer on 11th Oct 2015.

Global Vision NGO is a cancer care NGO in Thane working towards poor cancer patients to help them get better medical and financial help and create awareness about cancer to people. Global Vision NGO has organized many camps and events in various cities to spread knowledge about cancer. Volunteers in Global Vision NGO help raise fund for needy cancer patients so that they can go through expensive cancer treatment. On 11th OCT 2015 Global Vision NGO organizing free breast cancer mammography screening to help women to detect cancer symptoms as early as possible so one can take necessary treatment.

Mammograms may be used to check for breast cancer in women who may have no signs or symptoms of the sickness. This type of mammogram is named a screening mammogram. Tests mammograms usually involve two x-ray photographs, or images, of breast. The x-ray images have the ability to detect tumors that can't be felt. Screening mammograms may find microcalcifications (tiny deposits of calcium) that sometimes indicate your presence of bust cancer.

Mammograms they can double to check with regard to breast cancer from a lump or various other sign or symptom from the disease has already been found. This form of mammogram is called a diagnostic mammogram. In addition to a lump, signs of breast cancer can incorporate breast pain, thickening from the skin of your breast, nipple launch, or a alter in breast sizing or shape; nonetheless, these signs will also be signs of cancerous conditions. A diagnostic mammogram they can double to evaluate changes found within a screening mammogram as well as to view breast tissue if it's difficult to obtain a screening mammogram as a result of special circumstances, like the presence of bust implants.

Diagnostic mammography will take longer than verification mammography because more x-rays are essential to obtain views from the breast from many angles. The technician might magnify a suspicious area to make a detailed picture that can help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

Early detection involving breast cancer along with screening mammography ensures that treatment can possibly be started earlier through the disease, possibly before it's got spread. Results from randomized clinical trials and other studies show that screening mammography can help reduce how many deaths from bust cancer among females ages 40 to be able to 74, especially for all over age 50 (1). Even so, studies to date are yet to shown a make use of regular screening mammography throughout women under age 40 or through baseline screening mammograms (mammograms for comparison) taken just before age 40.

About Global Vision NGO

To make India Cancer Free by conducting health checkup, creating awareness and providing medical and financial help to needy cancer patients.

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