Global Teletherapy is Helping to Solve Staffing Shortages

Global Teletherapy, a leading provider of online speech therapy services, is poised to help schools and even entire districts across the country solve the staffing shortages they are plagued by seemingly without respite. The year has hardly begun and already Global Teletherapy is seeing tremendous success at assisting schools in meeting their mandates nationwide.

Global Teletherapy provides state-of-the-art online therapy services to school-age children across the nation. They specialize in online speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health services.  Schools and districts in countless states speak enthusiastically about the top quality service that their students receive on a regular basis.

Global Teletherapy has become highly proficient in helping schools tackle their chronic staffing shortages while simultaneously lightening heavy caseloads that overwhelm many of the schools' finest therapists.  Global Teletherapy has a highly dynamic executive staff, ready to respond to schools seeking to benefit from their exemplary services.

Their devoted staff provides top of the line training to all of their clinicians and follows through with excellent and timely support for every therapist on the team.

Alan Goode, CEO of Global Teletherapy, explained, "Our high quality, flexible infrastructure is able to quickly respond to the requests of schools everywhere in need of more therapists. We don’t just find anyone to fill in the gap. Rather, we're able to place excellent, credentialed, experienced therapists to help alleviate therapeutic needs around the country."

Teletherapy is the online delivery of therapy services via secure, two-way video conferencing. Sessions are nearly identical to traditional speech sessions except for one thing: instead of sitting together in the same room, students and therapists interact online.

Alan Goode
CEO of Global Teletherapy
p: (888) 511-9395

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Global Teletherapy staffs schools with top-quality therapists who provide state-of-the-art online speech therapy, online occupational therapy, and online mental health therapy.

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