Global Stationery Trade Show Drops Anchor in the Garden State for 2019


​Global Products Market Expositions (GPM) is inviting stationery marketing brands, as well as buyers and attendees, to an upcoming stationery trade show in New Jersey next summer. The Global Stationery Products Market Trade Show (GSPM) will take place in June 2019 in Edison, NJ, and will present a fantastic opportunity for stationers to market their brand and reach new customers.

Exclusively for stationery products, the GSPM Trade Show is to be produced by seasoned leaders with experience and vision in the industry and promises to be of the highest professional standard. It will take place at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison (NJ Expo Center), NJ, otherwise known as the Garden State. The stationer’s trade show will have a new architecturally designed interior show space, and it will have a cutting-edge floor plan design with 700 booths available. The booths are described by GPM as being of “premium quality.”

At GPM Expositions we are looking to help make you, not break you.

GPM Expositions , Killeen McMullen

Implementing GPM’s proven GPMXP Budget Development format means that exhibitors will enjoy streamlined trade show expenses.

The Center is a "Right to Work" site, so exhibitors will have no restrictions on who can install their display, and they have the freedom to be as creative as they wish. As well as saving on labor costs when installing their display, exhibitors can expect to enjoy cost savings because their freight will be sent to the trade show in advance, saving on costs associated with extra fees from carriers, and resulting in less of their time wasted at the show site.

The booths are available as an all-inclusive package that is budget friendly, and GPM Functional Technology will be incorporated for expedited lead retrievals and data collection.

For all attendees, there is free parking adjacent to the facility and the location is accessible from the air, land, and sea. Superior, reasonably priced accommodation is available very close to the site.

“The open concept of the floor plan ensures maximum exposure for every stand holder,” said Killeen McMullen, Exhibitor Relations Director of Global Products Market Expositions. “We’re expecting excellent rates of attendance thanks to our aggressive marketing campaigns which our team is implementing in the run-up to the show. At GPM Expositions, we are looking to help make you, not break you. Let us partner together to drive some great results.”

The stationery market is a robust industry that is projected to exceed 234 billion USD by 2024. The industry requires a live, on-site, branding event of its own, hence the Global Stationery Products Market Trade Show. “We are extremely proud to have the honor of serving an industry that deserves exclusivity,” concludes McMullen.

The Global Stationery Products Market Trade Show runs June 5 to 7, 2019 at the NJ Expo Center. The event will feature speakers from around the world. All exhibitors are invited to partner with the Global Stationery Product Market Trade Show to showcase their brand.

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GPM Expositions are industry professionals in the field of digital and on-site branding. The team has worked in the industry for more than three decades, they specialize in live event marketing. The team of experts and industry leaders at GPM work with their clients to ensure their success through the promotion of their brand. They work with clients in the U.S. and internationally. 


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