Global Mission for Children Expands Christian Child Sponsorship Program in Kenya, India and Bangladesh

21,000 Children die daily from poverty and GMFC is combating these injustices to give the forgotten hope and to help eradicate these man-made atrocities.

A Christian mission is pleased to announce their child sponsorship program is expanding due to the great and immediate need in developing countries. 

Global Mission for Children supports missionaries in Bangladesh, India and Kenya offering a child sponsorship program who's main purpose is to spread the Gospel. They are helping eradicate extreme poverty and disease that is killing 25,000 people per day, 75% children, due to starvation, curable disease and lack of clean water. The uniqueness of GMFC is they are a group of volunteers and 100% of all monies donated go directly to the mission fields. Partnering with Christian missionaries, GMFC is helping to eradicate extreme poverty and deadly physical diseases as well as spiritual disease.

James Miller, Jr., president and co-founder of Global Mission for Children states "child sponsorship is a very intimate and personal way to make a huge difference to eradicate extreme poverty and deadly diseases for .50 per day." Being a child sponsor for other organizations before founding GMFC in May 2012, James states "child sponsorship is one of the most rewarding and deeply spiritual experiences one will ever have and provides a spiritual bond between the sponsor and child which enables them to witness the good their donations are providing."

Organizations like GMFC use the funds from individual sponsorship to help support an entire community with the goal of constructing new schools and churches. James states "This creates an incredible personal connection that compliments and is just as important as the monetary donation." The sponsors' pick a child from GMFC's website and are encouraged to keep in touch with them primarily through email that is received by the missionaries and translated to the children and villagers then sent back to the donor. This creates a personal, long term commitment from sponsors through their donations, contact and prayers. James states "GMFC is not pursuing a temporary patch on poverty and disease but is building communities that will be self-sufficient forever founded on the Word of God."

Global Mission for Children is personally funded by its faithful founders and 100% of all donations go directly to the mission fields. There is a volunteer board of overseers and GMFC's "Statement of Faith", "Mission Statement" and the founders BIO's are posted on their website so sponsors will be confident their donations are used in an upright manner with Godly stewardship. GMFC is not a 501(c)3 so donations are not tax deductible.