Global Girls Scholarship Foundation Announces Board Appointment and Plans for Expansion in Africa

Global Girls Scholarship Foundation (GGSF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA, announces the appointment of Dr. Chikondi Lisimba Mpokosa to its board of directors.

Dr. Lisimba Mpokosa has spent her career managing programs for international development, children's education, gender equality, and humanitarian projects around the world. Originally from Malawi, Dr. Lisimba Mpokosa has gained tremendous experience from her development work in over a dozen low and middle-income countries. "We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Lisimba Mpokosa to the board of Global Girls Scholarship Foundation. Dr. Lisimba Mpokosa's experience in working to educate girls and promote women empowerment in developing countries - through organizations like UNICEF, Opportunity International, Oxfam, VSO, and Malala Fund - would be a real asset for our foundation, and greatly help further GGSF cause," said Dr. Shyam Bishen, Chairman of the GGSF board.

Along with this appointment, GGSF also announces its plan to expand scholarship awards to eligible girls in Africa starting with Malawi. The foundation invites female students in Malawi to apply for this scholarship online if they meet all criteria listed on the website "We are looking forward to helping underprivileged girls in Africa get a good education and do well in their lives," said Dr. Bishen.

About GGSF.

Founded in 2019, Global Girls Scholarship Foundation (GGSF) is dedicated to educating underprivileged girls in developing countries by providing them with scholarships, other academic resources, and educational & career guidance needed for their success. So far, GGSF has already awarded close to 20 such scholarships.

Source: Global Girls Scholarship Foundation