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Who isn't drawn to photography? Who doesn't travel with a camera under their arm or with a mobile phone capable of immortalising those moments that turn a trip into an amazing experience?

Global Frame is an initiative made up of a team of professionals that includes photographers, journalists, producers, marketing and tourism specialists dedicated to producing travel guides for destinations analysed from a photographic perspective.

These travel guides are the ideal complement to traditional travel guides, which, as the reader already knows, are documents aimed at helping the traveller to better discover and explore a specific destination.

Global Frame would like to give the travel experience a narrative focus with a camera, granting the description of each destination or location with an added value for all those people who enjoy the pleasure of immortalising their memories through photography by providing the secrets that a specific destination contains from a photographic perspective. And it does so by setting out each location as if it were a photographic project; a trip to the inner workings of each individual that goes on a journey which enables the most outstanding features, and not always the most well-known, to be documented from a photographic point of view.

Above all, Global Frame is a photographic project, meaning that each destination represents the possibility of exploring it through the type photography that best suits its characteristics. We therefore broach activities such as urban, natural landscape, architectural and portrait photography, etc.

We determine how both the amateur and professional photographer can relate to local people in the destinations visited so as to better capture their uniqueness and culture. We contemplate aspects that all photographers should anticipate, such as market days, local festivals, architecture, less frequently but no less interesting locations, recommended photographic equipment to use, tips on personal security and equipment maintenance, etc.

Global Frame's target audience correspond in greater part to a life philosophy linked to an interest in travelling, learning, experiencing adventures and a passion for photography.

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