Global Blockchain Forum Santa Clara - Learn About the Changes Blockchain is Bringing About

From health care to autonomous vehicles Blockchain is likely to change how much of the business of the world runs.

The 2018 Global Blockchain Forum Santa Clara, with over 50 speakers and 2,000 attendees from many of the most active blockchain companies, the Global Blockchain Forum will be an exciting event for thinkers, makers, and doers in the financial and technology industries. Expert panels will be giving their thoughts and explain strategies to take advantage of the new legal structures that are now available.

The event will take place on April 2-3, 2018, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Tim Draper (world-famous venture capitalist, founder of Draper Associates), Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch and XRP Capital) are among the speakers. Other business leaders both inside and outside Silicon Valley will be examining the myriad impacts blockchain can have beyond banking and crypto-currencies.

Exploring the current state of ICOs to predictions on the social impact and potential changes in how we govern ourselves the 2018 Global Blockchain Forum Santa Clara offers a variety of opportunities. Blockchain Consultants along with Blockchain Weekly has partnered up to provide you with a full 50% discount for the event, only using this link

Meet Tim Draper and Michael Arrington at the Global Blockchain Forum. Learn about the best investment strategies and changes blockchain is bringing about.

The Forum will feature panel discussions, networking sessions, and a VIP party. An excellent opportunity to listen to practitioners such as Vinny Lingham from Civic, Edith Yeung from 500 startups, Eric Ly from LinkedIn and many more.

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