Global Blockchain Business Council Merges With U.S. Blockchain Coalition to Boost Emerging Technology Advocacy at State Level

Blockchain Industry Bodies Merger to Strengthen Policy Coordination and Advance Industry

Global Blockchain Business Council Merges With U.S. Blockchain Coalition

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), the largest and leading industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets ecosystem, and U.S. Blockchain Coalition (USBC), a non-profit coalition of state-focused blockchain associations, influencers and organizations, today announce their merger at North American Blockchain Summit. 

Under the merger’s terms, USBC will become a national initiative of GBBC and USBC’s non-profit members will become observing members of GBBC. The combined association will have nearly 600 institutional members. Launched as the only organization focused on multi-state collaboration to promote American leadership in digital assets and blockchain, USBC brings together organizations from 46 states, including the Texas Blockchain Council, hosts of the North American Blockchain Summit.  

As an initiative of GBBC, USBC will continue to work with states to align on public policy and legislative priorities; serve as a hub for best practices, data and educational resources; and launch a new States’ Fund, providing grants to states to support a range of initiatives, increasing GBBC’s advocacy and reach across the U.S. at a crucial time for state policy making. USBC will also conduct research in areas of digital innovation, including where blockchain, AI, and digital assets converge. Lee Bratcher, founder and President of the Texas Blockchain Council, will become Chair of USBC Steering Committee, and Arry Yu, current co-chair of USBC, will become Executive Director of USBC and Head of Strategy (USA) at GBBC. 

"States are driving grassroots community building, serving as entrepreneurial hubs of activity, and playing a key role in shaping the digital assets regulatory landscape in the U.S.," said GBBC CEO Sandra Ro. "GBBC is honored to welcome USBC, in the presence of leading policymakers and builders at the North American Blockchain Summit, as we commit to collaborating with government, industry, and advocacy groups to support education, job creation, and thoughtful policy objectives at the state level." 

Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), one of the largest technology industry associations in North America and the original incubator of USBC, has agreed to GBBC acquiring all rights and assets of USBC. Michael Schutzler, CEO of WTIA, said, “Today marks a pivotal moment for the blockchain industry. I’m proud to witness this strategic merger between two of blockchain’s most influential organizations, poised to amplify the impact of blockchain advocacy. Alongside USBC, I’m confident GBBC will forge a clear path toward a secure, equitable and growing blockchain industry at the state level and beyond.” 

Arry Yu, Executive Director of USBC, said, “USBC, our strategic industry advisors, and our state members look forward to continually serving the blockchain industry at the hyperlocal level as we move toward a digitally native future. I commend the states that have stepped up to fill the void in regulatory innovation nationwide, especially as we head to 2024.” 

Lee Bratcher, co-chair of USBC Steering Committee, said, "It is an honor to work alongside tireless advocates and leaders like Arry Yu, Sandra Ro, and the executive directors of the various state blockchain associations that make up the U.S. Blockchain Coalition. This partnership with GBBC will further enhance our reach and provide greater connectivity for our advocacy efforts." 

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