Glo creates affordable solution to soaring workplace stress levels

In response to soaring stress levels created by the recession, glo has created an affordable and comprehensive one-day workshop to address and relieve stress related issues that can undermine UK business productivity.

By combining key Wellbeing Therapies with specific Stress Management Coaching, glo's workshops provide employees with all that they need to stay productive, stress-free, happy and positive during the economic downturn.

The stress management society conducted a survey this year and found that:
ï‚· 78 per cent of people say stress is affecting their mood, health and sleep
ï‚· Yet, 61 per cent have not yet taken any steps to access professional support
ï‚· Stress affects one in five of the working population.
ï‚· It is now the single biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK.
ï‚· Last year, UK employers lost around £13.2bn through employee absenteeism, according to the Confederation of British Industry.

glo's stress awareness workshops provide education on how stress can affects us, teaches individuals the tools to overcome stress in every day life, and provides therapeutic treatment to instantly de-stress and revive.

Working with groups of all sizes, glo's stress awareness workshops are tailored to a company's needs and budget, and can combine the following:

Onsite Massage, Stress Management, Life Coaching
Reflexology, Qi Gong (Tai Chi), Auricular Acupuncture,
Nutrition / Allergy Testing

Companies that succesfully tackle stress can gain fantastic benefits: 20% of current sickness levels, halt low morale and high staff turnover, and even become an employer of choice, attracting a better calibre of employee.

For further information and interviews contact:
Charlotte on 020 7096 0385 / 07861 372 557
Kelly on 020 7096 0385 / 07765 997956