Glitzy Bella Chosen to Design Jewelry for Melania Trump and the 107th First Lady's Luncheon, a Premier Bipartisan Event Honoring Our Nation's First Lady

Glitzy Bella designed the Swarovski Crystal Slider Bracelet for Mrs. Melania Trump and 2,000 Congressional spouses and invited guests.

First Lady's Luncheon Swarovski Crystal Slider Bracelet

​Glitzy Bella, a brand for modern women, is pleased to announce that the company was chosen to participate in the 107th First Lady’s Luncheon that took place in May. A tradition since 1912, the Congressional Club has been honoring our nation's First Ladies by hosting the First Lady's Luncheon, a premier event occurring each spring in Washington D.C. The bipartisan luncheon brings together and fosters friendships of the Congressional spouses, the President’s Administration, business leaders, and philanthropists.

In addition to attending the event, Glitzy Bella CEO Shelly VanderPoel designed the Swarovski Crystal Slider Bracelet for the First Lady and 2,000 Congressional spouses and invited guests. The bracelet features mesmerizing sparkle with an elegant Swarovski crystal at the center of the delicate bracelet. Chosen for its universal appeal, an adjustable slider ensures a perfect fit. It is gold plated.

“It's an honor to have been chosen to be a part of the 107th First Lady's Luncheon 2019 in Washington D.C,” says VanderPoel. “I'm passionate about supporting our incredible country any way that I can. My inspiration for this piece came from the classic style of the Washington D.C. insiders that would be attending combined with the chic style of Melania Trump. We were able to take a picture with the First Lady and show her the bracelet. She remarked how 'lovely' the bracelet was that we created. It was a unique experience and won't be soon forgotten. We are very grateful.”

The event was chaired by Jennifer Messer (R-IN) and co-chair Patti Garamendi (D-CA). Lee Greenwood was joined by “The President's Own” United States Marine Corps Band, featuring Master Sergeant Kevin L. Bennear who performed the National Anthem. Lee Greenwood delivered a distinguished performance of “God Bless The U.S.A.” Four-time Emmy award winner and former co-host of “TODAY,” Kathie Lee Gifford was also in attendance. She was recognized as a special guest and introduced a dynamic performance of “The God Who Sees” which she co-wrote with Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer, Nicole C. Mullen.

The bracelet Glitzy Bella created for the event is available to the public on the Glitzy Bella website. It can be worn alone for a simple look, or layered. For more information, visit

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About Glitzy Bella

Glitzy Bella is a brand for the modern woman. They specialize in designing chic and fashion-forward jewelry and accessories, crystallized with touches of Swarovski crystals. Each piece is an original design, often imitated but never duplicated, made by hand in the USA. Glitzy Bella has been featured in Life & Style and In Touch Magazine. For more information, visit

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Glitzy Bella is a brand for the modern woman. Chic + Modern. Everything we create is an original design, often imitated but never duplicated. Made with Swarovski crystals by hand in the USA. Featured in Life & Style and In Touch Magazine.

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