Glitch Art From Heather Parker at Gallery 14 at 249 a Street Art Opening

On view at Gallery 14, Boston artist Heather Parker creates glitch art from a photographic portrait of a dog as part of an exhibition titled Dogs.

Digital artifacts/failures often vanish from our consciousness, but instead Heather Parker chooses to exploit them. Rather than beautify a photograph with image editing software such as Photoshop, Parker examines the image data behind photos through programs that were not built for images: audio software, hex editors, etc. She then bends the data of the file through applying various audio effects such as phase shifter, echo, or simply manually interfering with structure of the file header. The result is always a surprise, as long as image viewing software accepts a manipulated file. In this show, Parker exhibits a piece on the top of Dogs, on view from January 7 to February 21, 2016 at Gallery 14 at 249 A Street in Boston.

​January 7 – February 21, 2016
Reception: Thursday, January 21, 5 – 7 pm
Gallery at 249 A Street
Boston, MA 02210
Curated by Don Eyles

That artists love dogs seems obvious. Their poses and behaviors inspire us to take up brush or pencil or camera. Their cheerful openness to new experience sets an example for us to follow, if we can, and behind their eyes we sense a different kind of logic that, as we try to understand it, enlarges our own awareness.

Bruce Rogovin, Heather Parker, Dirk Ahlgrim, Carla Michel, Leah Davies, Brian Bresnahan, Jennifer Amadeo-Holl, Lisa Knox, Kippy Goldfarb, Stephanie Berlo, Domingo Barreres, Karen McFeaters, Bebe Beard, Nyx Breen, Claire Eder, Don Eyles, Daniel van Ackere, Yetti Frenkel, Dorothy Hebden, Amy MacDonald, Kirk McNeil, Dan Osterman, Jose Santos, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Lenore Tenenblatt, Nick Thorkelson