Glidewell R&D Dept Members Present at 95th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR

  Glidewell Laboratories, industry-leading provider of dental products, implant solutions and lab services, will feature members of its Research & Development team as speakers at the 95th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). The event will be held at the Moscone West in San Francisco, Calif., Mar. 22-25.

The presentations from Glidewell’s R&D department members will focus on a number of topics:

  • Emily Nguyen’s presentation, “A Comparative Analysis of Composite-Based CAD/CAM Blocks,” will compare the properties of various dental CAD/CAM restorative blocks.
  • Lian Rother’s presentation, “Vickers Hardness Comparison of Cements Under Self-Cure and Light-Cure Polymerization,” will evaluate the self-cure and light-cure polymerization effects of three resin cements by measuring surface hardness. ​
  • Shreya Shah’s presentation, “Evaluation of Crown Retention of CAD/CAM Hybrid Resin Ceramic Blocks,” will look at the effect of various surface treatments on the crown retention of hybrid resin ceramic restorations.
  • Rother’s second presentation, “Surface Treatment Effects on Microtensile Bond Strength of CAD/CAM Block,” will evaluate how different surface treatments affect the strength of CAD/CAM ceramic resin composite blocks.
  • Ryne Contreras’ presentation, “Is HF Etching an Alternative to Sandblasting in CAD/CAM Resin Composites,” will examine whether hydrofluoric acid (HF) etching can be effectively used to create mechanical retentive surfaces for CAD/CAM ceramic resin composite blocks.

The IADR is an Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit organization that supports the advancement of oral health research and knowledge on a worldwide scale, and serves as an advocate for the oral health research community. It has nearly 11,000 members worldwide. For more information, visit

About Glidewell Laboratories

Founded in 1970, Glidewell Laboratories is an innovative, full-service dental lab and dental device manufacturer located in Newport Beach, California. Since its inception, Glidewell has been driven by clinician demand and fueled by its fundamental desire to increase the affordability of advanced dental procedures. This unique position enables the company to advance the leading edge of dentistry, employing a diverse team of dentists, scientists, material researchers and other experienced professionals to develop beneficial new products. For more about the company's history and service offerings, please visit

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