Glidewell Laboratories Releases Latest Issue of Dental Implant Magazine Inclusive™

New Issue of Inclusive Magazine, the Multimedia Publication of Glidewell Laboratories Focused on Implant Dentistry

Inclusive Magazine Volume 7 Issue 3

​​Glidewell Laboratories, industry-leading provider of dental products, implant solutions and lab services, announced today that the latest issue of Inclusive magazine, its multimedia publication focused on implant dentistry, is now available in print and across multiple digital platforms. The digital edition of the new issue, Volume 7, Issue 3, as well as past issues of the quarterly magazine, can be viewed from all popular desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms by visiting

The featured Implant Q&A spotlights Dr. Randolph Resnik, seasoned prosthodontist and oral implantologist whose contributions as a researcher, educator and practitioner have made him a widely recognized leader in implant dentistry. Read the article and watch the exclusive video interview as Dr. Resnik discusses his passion for teaching, the guiding principles behind the protocols taught in his courses, the latest developments in implants and prosthetics, and his long history with the Misch International Implant Institute, where he serves as surgical director and chief of staff.

The new issue also features an article by Editor in Chief and Clinical Editor Dr. Jack Hahn, who reviews a case that shows the evolution of implants over the last three-decades-plus — from early blade forms to the Hahn™ Tapered Implant — all within the mouth of a single patient. In an article by Dr. Neil Park, Dr. Hahn joins respected bone grafting experts Drs. Carl Misch and Paresh Patel in sharing their regenerative material preferences and insights for the most common indications encountered in implant dentistry. Dr. Timothy Kosinski’s new article describes how to achieve predictable, lifelike results in the esthetic zone through proper implant selection and positioning, digital impression-taking, and CAD/CAM prosthetics.

Practice management consultant Dr. David Schwab is featured in a Q&A that explores how dental practices can effectively present implant treatment to patients, including practical tips for improving referral relationships between GPs and specialists. In addition, a Q&A with Gary Pritchard, in-house legal counsel for Glidewell Laboratories, examines the standard of care concept, its relationship to new technologies, and how practitioners can keep pace.

Dr. Siamak Abai’s latest article explains how to optimize the tissue, or intaglio, surface of fixed full-arch implant restorations, including tips for maximizing esthetics, patient comfort, ease of cleaning and support for the facial structures. Dr. Paresh Patel demonstrates how to restore an edentulous arch with the Inclusive® Implant Overdenture, which dramatically improves prosthetic stability and function for patients who cannot receive a fixed restoration for reasons financial, anatomical or otherwise.

In the first article of a three-part series, Dr. Perry Jones illustrates how orthodontic treatment can be used prior to surgical intervention to reposition teeth, correct the occlusion and establish the restorative space needed for the eventual implant restoration. Dr. Randolph Resnik begins a series of articles on the principles of implant occlusion by examining the differences between teeth and dental implants, the susceptibility of implants to force-related issues, the goal of implant-protected occlusion, and other considerations in the development of occlusal schemes for prosthetic rehabilitation.

After reading the articles, viewing the case photos and watching the videos, readers have the opportunity to take free interactive continuing education (CE) tests through the Glidewell Education Center. Participants can earn free CE credits through the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) program for each test they complete and pass.

Inclusive magazine is published by Glidewell Laboratories and President/CEO Jim Glidewell, CDT. Each issue of Inclusive seeks to highlight the many aspects of dental implants from clinical and laboratory perspectives. Featuring case studies, clinical techniques, and practice management tools in both article and video format, Inclusive prompts its readers to implement the latest advancements in implantology in order to achieve predictable, profitable and reproducible results.

To view the new Inclusive magazine digital edition and to sign up for a free subscription to the print version, visit For more information about Inclusive magazine, call 800-521-0576 or e-mail

Source: Glidewell Laboratories